Monday, May 14, 2018

Failure in the corridors of power

This country could be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. But not in the way you think and not in a good way either. I marvel when some people for some sick twisted reasons of their own will go as far as saying the last three administration’s performance was anything short of dissatisfactory. I’d go as far as say criminal and even treasonable.
Life here is on the verge of anarchy. The system is broken. It doesn’t work; the worst part is no one seems to want it to work. Whining about it, arguing about it doesn’t do spit either. Some facebook jokers went on the social network lauding and praising the present administration for a job well done.
It got me wondering if they were accepting some sort of payout for talking ‘the good talk’ about the government. Yoruba’s have a saying that ‘Nkan ti o da ko daa.’ *Which translates to what is wrong is wrong. I don’t see how anyone seeing what goes on here will say everything is fine and dandy.
Take my neighbourhood for instance. Exactly eight days ago, torrential rains brought down an electric pole. It holds the high tension wire leading to the street’s transformer. The Benin Electric distribution company left it lying on the street without doing anything about it.
For eight solid days we haven’t had electricity. Except for the few lucky enough to own generating sets which feeds them for as many hours as each family can afford.
It has taken the BEDC eight whole days to restore power to us for a pole that fell down. Now my question is this __ how long will it take them to restore power if the main power plant in the town was to like say __ blow up! Maybe we won’t have light for five years.
How does a nation that thrives on inefficiency expect to move forward? Say what you like about Oyedepo, Adeboye and other mega church leaders but they seemed to have succeeded in solving the electricity situation on their church estates.
The fact that these campuses can have 24 hour electricity proves that it can be done. No one seems to want to own up to responsibility. What I’ve seen most Nigerian leaders do is to pass the buck, play the blame game. Blame past administrators for their failures instead of sitting down responsibly and working out a plan to remove Nigeria from the quagmire it is presently.
Listen up fellow Nigerians. The buck stops here. Stop finding excuses for failure and start working out feasible plans to get things in this country to work. Start with your own lives and lets work it out from there. The Bible says the world is eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.
Our parent’s have had their shot and messed up. It’s our turn now. Have you ever stopped to think what coming generations will have to say about us if we do not do all not just to succeed but to make our nation succeed. The buck stops here people. OWN IT!!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Third world country living

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Life in a third world country
Life in a third world country is usually worse than most would suggest, it becomes more deadly if you’re one of many who earn less than a dollar a day. I earn ninety dollars a month which is quite low when you consider how expensive everything is __ food, utilities; the list goes on.
But truth be told am one of the lucky ones to have even found work at all. Nigeria is a beautiful country; fertile lands, extensive mineral and material resources which are for the most part being squandered by the political elite; cabals who like nothing better than to keep the countrys’ economics and people under a tight leash.
It’s hard however to be ungrateful when I consider how many years I sweated to get a job at all. I teach twenty six impressionable children, whose age range is between six and eight years old.
The job has its challenges as everything on earth does. Trying to impart knowledge into children who’d rather play than work; you could come into conflict with their overprotective parents. Another negative is seeing children being emotional abused or neglected by the people supposed to see to their well being.
Surviving in Nigeria is like trying to navigate a mine field with only a pencil thin flashlight for company in the darkness of night. To some that might sound like a gross exaggeration but it happens to be the truth.
You’ve probably heard reports of terrorist attacks, but that isn’t what I am talking about here. What I am referring to is the unfavourable working and living conditions.
Bill Gates was in the country a few days ago. He said Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places for a woman to give birth. Many disagreed with him but I felt his words were a right assessment of what most Nigerians go through on a daily basis.
This brings to mind something that happened to a friend two weeks back. She went into labour. Her first mistake was registering for antenatal care at the town’s general hospital, which many describe it as a neutering/death centre.
Her experience was an alarming indicator of how deep corruption has eaten into the nation’s systems. The doctors have a system they employ. When women come to give birth, they’re referred to private hospitals in town citing lack of appropriate equipment as the cause. These private hospital owners carry out unwarranted caesarean operations on these women raking up huge medical bills in the process which when paid are shared between the private hospital owners and the doctors at the general hospital.
My family friend lost the baby; it went into distress early in the labour process. She almost lost her life too. A complaint was filed but the general hospital staff denied it saying she chose not to continue her treatment there and had insisted she be referred to a private hospital. That was how the whole thing was swept under the rug.
This is one of a million cases which are buried on a daily basis. A pastor of one of the most popular Christian assemblies said humorously that every family in Nigeria is like a nation on its own.
Why you might ask? Well the reason is every family finds themselves responsible for providing their own electricity (Because we get on average three hours electricity a day. The saddest part is they bring bogus bills every month which we are forced to pay for. Nigeria is the only country I know where we pay for services not rendered), water and security.
The life of a man working in a third world society as dangerous as what obtains in Nigeria is a trial. But it is a trial we have no choice but to face, pushing on to a future we hope will be brighter than what we see today.


An argument erupted among friends a few hours ago. The premise to the less informed could be termed stupid. One of my guys put forward a question. His question or should we say statement was would there be more virgins in the world if men stopped coercing and blackmailing women into having sex.
He threw the question out there and for the next four hours or so guys started trashing it out, arguing for or against the premise. I on the other hand was on the side of the nays.
I based my argument on the fact that I do not think anyone can be coerced into doing anything without some sort of leverage. Maybe you have dirt on the person or what not. There is a form of manipulation going on in most relationships and I do admit men manipulate women but women manipulate men too.
That does not imply I do not accept people; especially women aren’t in abusive relationships but those in that category in my opinion do not make up to half of the dating population. Life for the most part has choice and free will wired into it.
If you’re not in some sort of human sex trafficking thing how pray can one claim you were coerced into doing something you did not want to do? As depraved as the world has gotten in the last couple of years, aren’t there still some people who are doing things the right way?
Sex before marriage is basically an acceptable norm now. But aren’t there those who aren’t engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage? Most often it might not be because of religion or some other warped sense of self righteousness. Their decision could just be based on personal preferences.
The world has evolved to such an extent that wrong is termed right and right wrong. What obtains now is most people try to hide their shortcomings by excusing away their behaviour. The guy says I have needs; so he keeps bullying his girl to have sex until she folds and sleeps with him. His excuse being he intends to marry her eventually. The girl hides her guilt by explaining it away that the guy coerced her into doing what she didn’t want to do. She does this because her conscience keeps disturbing her.
I do not think there is any excuse for wrongdoing. No matter how right and pleasurable it could seem. If you do wrong why not (like Harley Quinn said in suicide squad) own up to that sh__? You cannot tell me as an innocent woman you leave your house and go to a guy’s place when you know he is alone and not realize you’re courting trouble. If he makes a move you say he coerced you. You can’t tell me sex wasn’t on your mind when you went to see him.
We manipulate ourselves on a daily basis. Both sexes do it. Girls use sex to control and get things from their men. Men use women’s gullibility and soft side to make them do what they want. Why then should God send people to hell if they can’t help their wrongdoing? Am guessing its cos he knows they have the power to say no to evil but choose not to. No man or woman (except with some extenuating circumstances; like blackmail, trafficking et al) can convince me they were forced to do what they didn’t want to do in a relationship. You did it because you secretly wanted to. 
Thoughts please ___

Friday, March 23, 2018

What I know and have known ___

They call it a wrinkle __ but unlike most wrinkles it isn't resident on the skin. This wrinkle is in the mind and in time __ forward or backwards __ it makes little or no difference. It is time and in perpetual flux.
Mercies of the divine cannot be overemphasized or overstated. I have tasted death __ touched the fringes of its dark surface __
I have known pain __ lain awake, troubled by the excruciating effect of it. I have known love __ the kind that makes a man a fool __ the kind that makes even the most busy lose their minds and more importantly their time.
I have known desertion ___when you look around __ desperately seeking companionship __ and you're alone __ tormented by the horrors of it
I have seen mother __ standing like a rock beside me __ ever encouraging __ while God who owns all drove strength into the fight that was so thick __
I have known failure __ been castigated many a time because of it __ I have found myself lost __ running a race forces never wanted me to win.
I have seen hurt __ given hurt _ I have known loss __ I have been a man I didn't want to be __
I have heard calls __ calls of anger, calls of wonder, calls of hate, calls of delay, calls of abandonment and decay __ but HIS call was all that mattered to me. It was his call I answered that am still standing __ being a man of flesh and blood that you see
I was given a voice __which I sound through my words so you can see and believe __ that HE IS REAL!
I was given purpose when the dream was delivered to me. And it is this purpose I share with thee. Why you may ask me__ to show you he is real and is able to do everything for you if you can only believe. Please BELIEVE AND IT WILL BE WELL WITH THEE.
He is real and can perceive that which you struggle with.
He gave me life, the gift and the dream __ once again HE IS REAL

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Hunt __

What I chase is bigger than me __ what chases me is __ well that's another story. I am a man on a search for what others regard as heresy. I am a man led by something most couldn't fathom even if was right by their feet.
Time and placement has no part in what I believe __ the vision is so fantastic that it would be lunacy to tell any except the greatest believers what erupts to the surface from my spirit.
I am on a road that I thought I would travel alone with no one beside me. Why? Some may ask me __
The reason being I never thought any would be brave enough to follow the uncertainties that are my dreams
I am a man who has known loss, abandonment and a host of other things. I am a man who has known sickness, unrighteousness and a displeasure at the forces that exist simply to resist and discredit me.
I am a man of dreams __ who for the strangest of reasons God loves in-spite of how many times I fall on the path to the glory of it all.
I am a man trying to understand HIM! If I could understand him even a percentage of how he gets me __ I would be much further along than this. The only thing I do know with any certainty is that for some fathomless reason __ he loves me.
The path ahead must be trod alone __ no help __ no solace __ only the one I receive from him. The saints above are cheering as they watch it all __ I imagine them fall silent as I fall again and again. But every time I do I always hear the words GET UP! GET UP! The war's not over yet.
I am chasing something bigger than all I see __ I can only hope God in his infinite mercies will help me get to it 

Friday, March 16, 2018

What there is ___

I see a sea of eyes __ some crying, some with a smile __ smiles that aren't fooling anyone __ I see hidden tears just struggling to burst to the surface__ I see fears __ holding men captive __ A false bravado that has become sort of adaptive
To what you might ask __ to the human species.
There is world beyond what seeth the captives __ there is hope __ or a hope (if hope can be quantified that is __) there is a vessel of honor and righteousness which at the moment is buried so deep.
There is a lifting coming from what some may think is some bizarre sort of dark vixen. And there is a truth which gives life everlasting coming from within old and century bound pages
Most importantly __ there is a God __ who sits on his throne above __ doing nothing more than watching over us.
There is a beginning __ life has to start from something __ there is a middle __ for most this is no more than a riddle __ while some dark pipe piper plays an unruly fiddle __ and lastly there is an end __ it is a place where rules can no longer be bent __ where after a life well spent __ you'll be held accountable for how you lived until the end.
There is me __ there is also you __ following these words line by line __ so true. There is a vessel __ it could be me __ it could be you __ one day we'll know who is true.
There is a light __ beyond man's normal sight __ it is a delight for those that have drunk from its lofty height __ there is might __ a spiritual altercation going on and on until the mysteries of a thousand generations would reach a final conclusion.
There is her __ there is also me __ there is them __ those beyond my reach __ there is breakthrough __ oh __ how sweet! Then there is evanescence! A bright flash of light and a breath of fresh air to those who can tune to it.
There is Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe and there is the world __ pondering on the intricacies of it all. There is dawn and that my friends brings an end to my weird and pointless call.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A world

Our world is one plagued by darkness. Not darkness of the disturbing sort __ but a physical sort of darkness __ the kind when you have no electricity. The powers that be call this the land of the free __ the giants of this great continent where millions live. But this giant is one that is on its final stretch, weakly clinging onto life while blood sucking ticks called politicians are slowly sucking it dry.
We live in a world plagued by suffering, even as I consider this __ it is suffering of the wretched unforgiving. Men trampling over the rights of the poor, the weak __ and dare I say the stupid.
This is a world where great men have lived, great men have been and more importantly great men have been birthed.
Alas we are a shadow of the giant we used to be. Like barely digestible fiction to the gourmet attraction of the real thing which you savor like a three course meal. We have no light, we have no roads, we have no love or affection for each other. Even when one party breaks through the quagmire that is poverty, the only thing he or she thinks to do is use his new found riches to oppress the little ones around him.
I am a man puzzled by all I see. A man sometimes plagued by doubts and insecurities while many gather like flesh eating birds intent on feeding on carrion. Mockers __ my next science fiction book will have them as the quintessential antagonists. I find myself abandoned by even family. Through it all __ the only light at my door is __ the only one I adore. Through this darkness we trudge __ alone __ with no one save God. With only a pencil thin flashlight to take us forward.
In a nation of the lost __ we were lucky we found __ each other __ gathered solace and strength from one another to fight a war that wants nothing better than to tear us asunder.
In some ways __ in a fashion __ perhaps this uncaring world exists to test our mettle. Or maybe I am to ignite the light within to light up my surroundings.
She walks with me __ stride for stride __ blow for blow __ concussive burst for concussive burst __ shielding our selves from the blood, guts and the hammering that comes and seems to want to come for ever after.
Our world is Nigeria __ and it is a world fully capable of driving a man to hysteria.