Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi Everyone,
                    Sorry i have been away for so long, but it was due to circumstances beyond my control. How is everyone doing? Great i hope?
Wow so much has happened within the last three months. Amnesiacs got released and is currently creating great buzz and for that I am exceedingly grateful to the almighty God. The new book Virus is shaping up nicely. About half way done...turning out to be a trifle scary but heeeeyyy.... i always aim to please and to bring the thrills.
I am currently working on something that will bring these stories to a global platform. I will keep you posted on my progress, but for now keep watching this page and my facebook page. Get ready my dear followers Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe is about to become a household name on the world stage. To those that supported me from the beginning, this shout out is to you.
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In love with an Anaconda

No one sees it like I see it
They don't long for it as I long for it
I hear it even before others hear it
I spot it among a crowd of thousands of others that move by it
I need it the way a junkie needs a fix
Its like a tick that won't go away
How I long for it...

But the only one that can give me what I need now
Sits in the heavens above me
He sees and owns the Anaconda...
My anaconda...
What I want so bad my lips drip saliva
And my eyes are opened with wonder
I am not the best son
That is a given
And a more wretched forgiving
I know many will take my whining as annoying
Especially when I know, they know I don't have to do what I am doing
He knows this even more than I do
As he knows how that Anaconda speaks to me
Or as the Yorubas would say
Or mo bi kini yen she wu mi.
I ask myself this one thing
Will owning that anaconda make me a better human being?
Make me be the man he wants me to be?
I have no answers to these probing questions
All I can say is this
Getting that anaconda is the biggest thing to me
The greatest desire of my heart
I pray his grace will make me focus
On what is important to him
So help me...

I remember

I remember lying on the beach looking at an inky black starry sky
I remember looking for pleasures and love deep in a whore's eyes
The sad thing was.... At the time...
I felt she was the one that would carry my heart high
I remember crying
Looking to a heaven I wasn't sure even existed
I remember praying to a God, my father, that sometimes acted as if he didn't hear me
Or maybe he did but didn't care what my bleeding heart was saying
I will remember this road
For as long as I go on living
I will remember each second, each minute,
The sound of the big clock ticking
I remember being alone... With no one to love me
And I remember how many times I trembled, shook with the depths of my emotions as loneliness grew from intangible to tangible
I remember saying this was a wretched unforgiving
Now I sit down with her arms around me
And I think someone up there loves me
I remember the struggle
The success
The darkness, the light
The beauty in her eyes
And I realize
God the father indeed is kind
Cos I can still smile