Thursday, November 21, 2013

Celebrity or whore

Miley’s Weirdest, Wildest Makeover Moments

Miley Cyrus shaves her eyebrows. (Instagram) We thought there wasn't anything left Miley Cyrus could possibly shock us with when it comes to her looks … and then she went and bleached her eyebrows.
Yes, the 20-year-old songbird dyed her naturally brown brows the same shade as her platinum blond coif and debuted the new look in an Instagram snap with model Miranda Kerr on Tuesday night. And, not surprisingly, Miley's brows have already set the Twitterverse afire.
Ok, NOW she's gone too far.. #MileyCyrus #eyebrows
— Melissa Lawlor (@MelissaLawlor) November 20, 2013
ew wtf is her problem forreal #Mileycyrus — BossBanush (@BanushiAna) November 20, 2013
Clearly, many of her fans aren't loving the daring new style she's decided to start rocking just three days short of her 21st birthday.
But let's face it — Billy Ray's daughter is pretty much a natural at making headlines when it comes to changing up her style. Let's take a look at a few of Miley's makeover moments that truly hit us like a "Wrecking Ball."
Miley on her wrecking ball. (Vevo)
It all started in August 2012, when she chopped off her long, gorgeous locks in favor of a punk rock pixie cut that kept getting shorter … and shorter. Though the initial cut had most people shaking in their Doc Martens, we have to give the pop princess credit for leading the pack of Hollywood stars who have recently been lopping off their locks. Though she kicked off the trend, Miley seems to miss her tresses and is in that awkward stage of growing her hair out.
Miley's tat and haircut! (Instagram)
We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Miley's latest body ink. We thought the Rolling Stone tattoos on her feet were pretty wild, but that was before she outdid herself with a granny tat. Earlier this month, the former "Hannah Montana" star had a portrait of her Mammie (aka Loretta Finley) tattooed on her forearm. One word: Yikes!
Then, of course, there is always her ever-changing wardrobe. This year alone we've seen the Disney darling distance herself from the mouse-approved looks of yesteryear by donning a nude two-piece leotard at the MTV VMAs, a white mesh dress that she adorned with pasties at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, and many belly-baring numbers. But none of that really compares to swinging naked on a wrecking ball, right?
Miley's wild wardrobe. (Splash/Getty)
Since we got so used to seeing Miley's bare bod, we were completely caught off guard when the "We Can't Stop" songstress completely covered up in a black bell-sleeved gown with a high neckline for the Bambi Awards on November 14.
But whether she's practically naked or fully clothed, one thing's for certain: Miley definitely knows how to make headlines. Do you think her bleached eyebrows are her wackiest look yet or do they "twerk" for her?

Door to hell

Fiery 230ft crater nicknamed the 'Door to Hell' baffles scientists after burning endlessly for 40 YEARS

Originally a level surface, the site was identified by Soviet scientists in 1971 as an area that was believed to house a substantial oil field

With fiery embers glowing deep underground, it looks like a scene from an apocalyptic sci-fi blockbuster.

But this huge crater is amazingly a real-life phenomenon which has been flaming away for more than four decades.

The 230ft-wide crater, known by locals in Turkmenistan as the 'Door to Hell', has baffled scientists since it first appeared more than 40 years ago.

Originally a level surface, the site was identified by Soviet scientists in 1971 as an area that was believed to house a substantial oil field.

However, the ground beneath the drilling rig soon collapsed, creating a wide crater that was believed to be releasing large quantities of methane gas, a potential danger to the nearby villages in Derweze, Turkmenistan.

Scientists decided that the most efficient way to solve the problem would be to burn off the poisonous gases -- by doing so, it was expected that all of the gas in the crater would be burnt off within days.

More than four decades later, though, the crater is still ablaze with endless flames and boiling mud - and hundreds of tourists flock to visit it every year.

The Karakum Desert, where Derweze is located, has one of the largest gas reserves in the world. Turkmenistan hopes to up its exportation rate around 75 million cubic meters of gas in the next 20 years.
The fiery crater first appeared in Turkmenistan more than 40 years ago. (TORMOD SANDTORV / CATERS)
The astonishing crater is 230ft wide. (MARTHA DE JONG-LANTINK / CATERS)
Will Keeping, a retiree from Buchlyvie, near Stirling, visited the crater last month.

Unaware of the Door to Hell's existence before he visited Turkmenistan, Will, 57, was told on his tour that the crater was one of the hundred most bizarre places to visit before you die.

Intrigued, he decided to ride across the bleak desert environment, not knowing what to expect.

Will said: 'During daylight, I was initially not impressed as it looked like a hole in a vast desert. As we got nearer and the glow from inside the carter became evident, though, I started to notice the size of the crater and wondered how could continually glow like that.
Bubbling: The crater has been nicknamed the 'Door to Hell' by locals in Turkmenistan. (MARTHA DE JONG-LANTINK / …
Inside, the crater is filled with endless flames and boiling mud. (WILLIAM KEEPING / CATERS)
'As I approached on foot, it became clear that this was a large crater and that inside was like a huge open furnace. At first, it appeared that it might have been a natural phenomenon, but the sides of the crater contradicted that. I could see the bent and rusted remains of some sort of metal railings or structure, implying some sort of catastrophe having occurred long before.

'I stood there gazing into the crater, the sheer size and intensity of the fire inside became more and more apparent.

'As the sun began to set, the location slowly transformed from a large, isolated furnace in the middle of the desert into the centre of attention that dominated the surrounding area - the glow became more intense and lit up the area including the sky above. It was impossible not to be drawn to the crater, something that was just dominant over the surrounding area.'