Saturday, January 7, 2012


The words in my heart

Are like nursery rhymes

The world twirls around in a fashion

That is not easy to describe

But there is peace

You may ask why

Because being close to you

Has made me a star

Shining like a diamond in the night sky

You are warmth

You are sweetness


Fun and loveliness

You bring light


And sometimes i must confess


Into a man's heart

Your lips make me hunger for a kiss

Your hands

Oh what bliss

You are indeed the personification

Of a Muslim queen

Black beauty

The one any man will need

God in heaven

Please help me

Muslim Queen

Muslim Queen
by Dayo Akintomide on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 12:29am

I look into your eyes

See your mysterious and sweet smile

And something lights me up from the inside

The way i feel when i look at you

Will be too hard to describe

But no matter how much I try

You resist me

And this makes me feel empty inside

I realize

What i want

May be difficult for you to process in mind

Just having you be mine

For one afternoon

Will be an experience

I will treasure for the rest of my life

You are a queen

Of what i call a Muslim tribe

And I am a christian king

Who wants to know

How you feel inside

Please be mine