Thursday, December 29, 2011


You seem aloof

Quiet, somewhat peaceful

As if you exist in a world no external force can breach

You intrigue me

Maybe it's your aloofness that puzzles me

It's like there is more to you than the eyes see

When I look at you

It's as if am standing on a high cliff

Seeing vast lands beneath me

And wondering

What treasures lie within

Your quietness

Is like the quiet stillness of a stream

Your eyes lighting up the darkness of the sky

Your mind

Which you keep secret might hold treasures

Even the pharoahs couldn't

In the hundred years of their reign amass

You are a beautiful mystery my words cannot describe

It will take me a lifetime


I could be at a football stadium watching a game

with fifty thousand people screaming around me

and yet i will be


I could have a million girls

calling out to me

Shouting and screaming

Saying they love me

And yet i'll be


I could live in the lap of luxury

have a dozen Aston Martins

A huge sprawling mansion

Larger thanthe land my town sits on

And yet i'll shout I am sprung because I'll be


I could hold your hand

We could walk over desert sands

Smile as the sun's rays danced with our swinging hands

And my spirit man

Will tell me

You are the one

But I'll still be


Alone till these words bring my hopes HOME

What its about

It is not about the money

It's about peace

About a vision

It's about a cry within my system

it's about believing

knowing this is what God in heaven

Put in you that cries for fulfillment

It's not about the race

I am running

It's not even about the clock that is ticking

It's about life to me

having some sort of meaning

It's about believing

Believing in something

Some say has no rhyme or reason

It's about seeing

Seeing beyond what the eyes can see

It's about soothing the ache

in your troubled spirit

It's about being what the spirit

Keeps calling me to be

It's about being free

Soaring like a bird

Flying like a Pegasus

Over the land of greece

It's about being me___ being all i can be

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Future

I see eyes
I see smiles
I see things that many people
Would find difficult to understand
I see the skies
Clear cloudless
Vibrant, shinning with light
Shinning with a purity and brilliance
Many would find difficult to describe

But in spite
Of all the distractions
The pretty faces
That surround my psyche
All I feel is that they are distractions
All I say is get the hell out

Because all I see
Is my future stretched out in front of me
All I feel is the hunger
Inside of me
The beauty, peace
And riches I can achieve
If I focus
On what he needs me to see
And I will cause he lives in me



Tell me something real
Tell me what you really need
Tell me what you want from me
And I will tell you what I can give
Tell me what you see when you look at me
And I will tell you how much it affects
Me when I gaze upon your breathtaking beauty

Tell me what you see
Ten or fifteen years ahead of me
Ahead of you
Tell me your dreams
And I will tell you what fires up
My being
Tell me what you fear most
And I’ll tell you something with a little boast
Conquer your fear and you’ll cheat death and gloat
Tell me you love me
And maybe just maybe our feelings
Could be one and the same thing
Stand beside me and together
You and I could achieve anything
Tell me something real
And I will tell you that which will make
You breathe
Deeply every time you think of me

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

The heart question(Love??)

What is love?
An intriguing concept
But one I am not sure
Makes much sense to me
The sky lights up all around me
The warmth in my heart
Is that it?
The emptiness I feel when she leaves
Is that what it means?
Or is it the kind of detachment I feel
When I think of all the females around me?
Maybe it is love
But love for me
Maybe I am in love with me

Or perhaps I need to make peace
With the turbulence inside me
Before I can make sense
Of the riddle called true love
What is love?
A setback
A force of negativity
A school of thought
A portal to the land of the lost
A cause
A lost one
What is it?
A feeling of intensity
An unseen entity
A careening trailer
Going out of control
A wave of destruction
A story with no good ending
I have no idea and neither does the world
There are times I believe we are all lost

Here i go again

Here I go again
On a swirling merry go round
Same shit different day
Left all the others
Staying alone
In a void going round and round

Here I go again
Hating my own kind
Here I go again
Wondering why
Here I go again
Running out of time
Here I go again
Missing you
And smiling cos you think its you
But its not
But it’s him (M.O.N.E.Y)
Here I go again
Wondering what is true
What is false?
What is start?
Where is finish?

Here I go again
Knowing you
Cannot make me stay
Here I go again
Knowing flight is the only way
Here I go again
Tired and unsure whether
I can keep fighting again
Here I go again
Not eating, not sleeping…..
Just being
Here I go again


I see the storm clouds gather on the horizon
I taste the rain on the breeze
Swirling around me
I feel great rivers of peace
Surging on my insides
And the pain around becomes nothing
But lies
As I look into the heavens
And deep blue skies

I do not think about the lies
I do not think about the many disappointments
From the loves of my past life
I do not think about the emptiness around me
Which kills trust in people like me
All I think about
Are the cloud covered skies
And the clarity that will come
When the rain is done

I do not think of war
Neither do I allow thoughts of loss
I do not dwell on the long road
Each step brings me closer to my goal
And that singular thing will atone
For everyday spent disappointed
And every moment I had to remove
Myself from horrible people
And to make a life on my own
I do regret not seeing this earlier
I regret turning deaf ears
To what was right in front of me
I thank God for this
Even as I wait patiently for the rain to pour on me

A word

A word for everyday
A word of thanksgiving
Word of free willing
To tell you father in heaven
How much you mean to me
Truly you are my king
The one who knew me
Even before I began to breathe
The one who makes me live

A word for every breath I take
A word for everyday that breaks
A word for every step I take
A word for the smile on my face
A word of thanksgiving that crushes delay
A word that stays my soul from the beneath
A word that makes me
Find my way out from the darkness that surrounds me
I’d like you who reads this
To say a word this minute
Not a word of complaint
Not a word of regret
Don’t let it be a word of hate
And don’t let the word be late
Say a word that tells him he is great
A word that exalts his name
So that he will remove your pain
So that he will set you free
Don’t be like me
Who sometimes forgets to count his blessings
Be a man
Be a person
That in spite of what you endure
What is not yours
What you want and are not getting
Just say a word
And let this word
Be thanks
Because our Lord is kind


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It is the moon

Or it could be the sun

It could be her eyes

Her lips..

That make me mourn

It could be the world

That doesn't want me to be strong

It could be the race i run

That makes me forget it all

I am tired of them all

Tired of being wrong

Tired of looking in the mirror

And see the cold

Calculated creature i have become

I blame no one

They are what they are

So why did i think

It could work

Make them see the hunger that burns

In my heart, in my words

I realize now it's not their fault

It's mine for not knowing

Where i belong

Now i am reborn

They are inconsequentials

Glitches in random strings of meaningless code

I walk this path alone

For now there is no home

My home is my goal

I was stupid to think

These polluted pools could bring relief


God I thank you for this

Friday, January 14, 2011


I wait
For what? For him to show his face
And tell me it is ok
I hate
This inactivity …..being so still
It grates
On my nerves …..this seemingly pointless delay
But the times I ran
At my own dictates
Where did it land me?
In naught but a charade
So I wait
For him to tell me it’s ok
That this pain
Will not bring DELAY
He came
To bring peace my way
It’s his universe
It’s his game
Am simply a tiny
Part in the grand scale
He alone knows the way
Knows how and when
This deadlock will break
So why worry?
And be in haste
With him I can never be too late
He is the way
All I have to do is follow
And I am made
So I wait
For his light to break forth
Like day and light up my way

Letter to the rib

Where are you?
Why can I not find you?
I cannot tell you
How long I have searched for you
Hours have I pondered on what I would do
What I would say
When I first gazed at your face
What I would say
How you would respond
When I told you
The way
You’ve made my heart
Hunger for you in the sweetest of ways
I cannot fight the fates
Neither can I choose my way
Without the man upstairs having his say
That is why I search a face
Millions of faces
But the one
That will be my fate
Comes at his pace
I face
The horizon
Standing as a citizen
Though a somewhat imperfect son
Standing where I belong
Waiting for you
To come home
So two will become one
And peace will reign forever more


You are gone .....

Like dreaming of summer while trapped in the dead of winter

You are gone..

Remembering happiness in the throes of sadness

You are gone...

Stagnation where once there was progress

She is gone ....

Aloneness where once we had togetherness

She is gone ...

Lost when there once was direction

She is gone ....

Coldness in the place of warmth

She is gone....

Fear where there was bravery

She is gone ....

Weakness replaces power

She is gone ....

The end instead of a beginning

You are gone ....

Dissatisfaction where i had fulfilment

You are gone ...

Alas .....

Now there is focus

Where once there was distraction

Lightness and heaviness

both singing the same song

Panic and haste

Has been replaced

With peace and resignation

Now my work has just begun

Why? Because she is GONE!

My Mis - Education

Some call it poetry

I say its a mystery

The true personification of my spirit being

The real defination of me

I hear things

Loud voices in my psyche

So poignant

That breath eludes me

Life becomes random strings of code

That can only be deciphered by the holy ghost

I cannot paint these pictures

With word of mouth alone

Even the written verse is incapable of driving my point home

So when i try to draw a blueprint

Of the puzzle that is me

It becomes an album

I'd gladly title

The Mis education of DEE

Its like showing words and expecting the blind man to see

Instead of writing it with braille

On tablets of stone so he can believe

I have resigned myself to the knowledge

That perhaps this is how it is meant to be

And with this knowledge