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Might's Odyssey, The amazing sequel to Amnesiacs - Read the first forty three pages and prepare to preorder your copies on amazon

                                         Chapter One

The present 9.15 am

Gbenga’s eyes were sad as he looked at the still body of nameless. Strange name__ his true name was not known, so the hospital had designated him nameless. His bulky body was covered by a white sheet, which reached the mid point of his porky stomach.
His skin was dark and scarred. Signs of the terrible accident he had survived many months ago; in a manner of speaking that is. Gbenga did not regard his comatose existence as survival. He was a shell of a man and he merely existed. His eyes became more sad and his face even more grim.
A sigh burst from his lips and only then did the sights and sounds of the happenings around him register in his brain. His eyes drifted around the white room he was in. It was wide, with high ceilings, made of a shiny white material he could not countenance.
He was in a hospital, the three crosses hospital; one of the best and most expensive hospitals in Nigeria. His sad eyes drifted to the bulky man lying in front of him who had several frightening looking machines attached to his body. These machines were taking his vitals and other body information to assure the doctors he was still alive.
The hospital management knew the man as nameless, but he knew him as Might.

Nephilim (8 days after the Karnack incident).

There was pain. It was not just pain however. The pain was suffused with blackness. If he wanted to describe the blackness better, he would call it darkness. His spirit was plummeting thousands and thousands of leagues into a pit. A pit filled with gross darkness. He could see no bottom as he looked down into it.
Alarmed he looked up and saw a light. It was brighter than any light he had ever seen before and in that instance he knew; in that light lay his absolution and he had to do all to get to it.
Flapping his arms desperately he struggled to slow his downward progress. Miraculously his progress halted and he found himself hovering mid way between the dark and light. Stretching his arms, he began to claw towards the light.
His progress was slow going at first and then instantly became faster. In seconds, he was streaking towards the light at breakneck speeds. Absolution was just an arm reach away and to his immense relief he plunged into it.

His eyes opened slowly, more than a little languidly. Then they closed as a sharp pain seared through his chest cavity. The pain was so bad that his brain was robbed of every thought. Just when he felt he could bear it no longer, it began to recede until it eventually disappeared.
Opening his eyes once again, his eyes fluttered and scanned his strange surroundings. The world around him was a desert wasteland. That fact brought puzzlement and confusion. This was because he could remember nothing before he awakened a few seconds ago.
Sitting up slowly, he took stock of his surroundings more carefully. There was nothing but desert sand in a hundred and eighty degree direction. Turning backwards, he was startled to see a giant mountain sixty meters away from where he lay.
Only then did he notice the remains of the mechanical creature lying on his right, a few paces away. Startled, he quickly edged away from it, his eyes wide with shock and fright.
There was a red glow in what remained of its eyes that began to fade away slowly until the broken sockets were black. He knew what that meant of course. It was dead, deactivated, put out of commission.
Sighing he rose to his feet. The pain he had experienced earlier came for a brief moment and faded away. He rubbed his chest experimentally, surprised at how hard and knobbly it felt. Looking down he saw he wore what remained of a battle suit, black and ragged looking, with some of the armored threads torn and ripped exposing the circuitry underneath.
‘What the__’
His eyes drifted back to the broken remains of the robotic entity lying a few paces away from where he stood. Walking towards it, he leaned down slowly to examine it more carefully. Only its torso remained. There was nothing from waist down. It had a strange silicon and polymer based skin which was blackened and burnt at some points suggesting that it had been exposed to great heat; maybe even a great explosion.
Half of its face was smashed. This close it looked as if a fist did it but he could not be sure. Standing up straight, he looked around once again and strained his thoughts as he struggled to remember. For a couple of seconds he got nothing but blackness and then suddenly it came rushing back.
He remembered all. His amnesiac companions, swift, brainwave, falcon and bull’s-eye; he remembered the journey; Absalom, Gethsemane, the prophets, the event and the harbingers.
His eyes drifted back to the creature lying in the sand. Now he knew what it was. It was all that remained of a harbinger. Giving it a closer scan, he realized it was female.
Another sigh burst from his lips and he turned facing the desert emptiness once again. Where did he go from here now? His eyes grew sad as he thought this. He had never felt so alone in his life. Thinking of swift, brainwave, falcon and bulls-eye brought tears to his eyes.
Swift was the lucky one. He had boarded the flight. That was the last thing he remembered; activating that fusion grenade which had killed the last two harbingers and flung Swift into the light portal called the flight. Swift had gone home leaving him trapped in Nephilim with no way of going home.
His tears came down more freely now and his shoulders slumped. Before he could give into the despair completely, a strange voice spoke.
Do not cry my son__”
He jumped startled, spinning around in a wide circle as he searched for who had spoken. His eyes narrowed and grew hard with fear and suspicion when he realized he was alone on the desert wasteland.
A worried look crept on his face. Was he losing his mind? The voice sounded as if the person speaking was right beside him. Just when he thought he imagined it, it spoke again.
“You are not losing your mind Might and no you did not imagine it__”
He jumped spinning around once again as he raised his huge fists which had black gloves on it with sharp looking spikes on his knuckles. Why was he hearing voices? Swift was the only one who had ever heard voices in his head. So why was it happening to him now? Aloud he spoke__
“Who are you and why can’t I see you?”
The voice did not respond for a couple of seconds. Eventually it did, speaking with a weary and sad undertone that puzzled Might.
“My name Might is Eleyon and I am the God of gods. I am spirit and to see me you must be in the spirit.”
‘Eleyon?’ Why did that name sound so familiar? It came to him a second later. Eleyon was the deity the prophets of Gethsemane worshipped. He remembered Mordecai the chief prophet talking about him.
“Do you remember now?”
He nodded slowly but did not speak. There was silence for several minutes. Might was puzzled about that until he realized that Eleyon was waiting for him to speak. He was not sure how exactly he knew this but he just did. Swallowing he did.
“What do you want with me?”
“I want to help you__ help you find a way out of Nephilim.”
Might’s eyes brightened at that.
“But the way is long and perilous__ you must be strong and vigilant Might. You are might and power, a creation of mine that I am extremely proud of. With love did I fashion you, but on this odyssey you are going to need more than mere brute force and strength.”
Might’s eyes grew sad and confused at Eleyon’s words. Why was the being talking in this way? The sadness he sensed in its voice was making him alarmed. Did it know something that it wasn’t telling?
“You do not have much time, you have to travel fast__”
“Travel? Where?”
“No time ___ find the__ bioooospherreeeeee__”
And then there was silence. The last part of Eleyon’s speech sounded like a recording from a twisted tape. Biosphere? What in the world was a biosphere? A faint light from the horizon caught his attention. He turned to it. The blue-black cloud covered sky was lighter. A faint shaft of light pierced the clouds streaming down towards the desert sand.
Something moved in his spirit as he looked at the light. He turned back to Mount Karnack and waited for Eleyon to speak again but he did not. Glancing back to the light, he sighed and started walking towards it.

                                          Chapter Two

The light was further than it seemed. As he walked, he tried without succeeding to stop thinking about the others. It was an exercise in futility however. He could not help remembering them; Swift most especially. They had traveled the last part of their journey together, after Swift activated the fusion grenade that cremated Brainwave’s body.
The sky above him suddenly turned from blue-black to a strange sort of orange. He looked up puzzled by this new turn of events. The sun that lurked beyond the clouds was trying desperately to force its way through the cloud cover, but was for some strange reason unable to do so.
He glanced down at his body examining the ragged remains of the battle armor he wore. It looked very high tech. The prophets of Gethsemane were probably the best scientists still left in Nephilim. That thought made him think of the Chancellor supreme of Absalom. His eyes grew hard. The man alluded to the fact that the scientists of Absalom were the best. Back then, they believed him, until they realized what an evil man he truly was.
A flash of lightening coming from behind snapped him out of his angry thoughts. He glanced back. It was coming from Karnack. The clouds were blacker over it and lightening flashed in its depths.
A fierce wind began to blow whipping up the sand around it in a barely concealed fury. The sight was somewhat familiar to him. Straining his mind for a few seconds, the answer came to him.
He was looking at the beginning of a hazard. Those fierce super destructive storms that were common to Nephilim. His eyes hardened as he began to run.

The swirling winds behind grew stronger and more intense. Glancing back, he was shocked to see several large tornado like columns of air racing towards him at breakneck speeds. One was on a direct collision course with him. He broke right and barely managed to avoid being carried off by the wind. He kept his feet planted on the earth but only just barely.
Looking back, he saw a wall of sand heading his way carried by violent winds. He increased his speed, racing away as fast as he could. The sand swept over him lifting him high into the air.
The strong winds lifted him off the desert sands, flinging him into the center of the miasmic fury of the hazard. The zinging and sparking sound in his battle armor grew louder. Sand was probably entering the rips and tears in the seams he thought.
He lost all sense of time and reasoning as the vicious winds battered him from left and right. He was lifted, dropped, twisted sideways and spun around in vicious circles; just when he thought he was dead for sure, he started to plummet, racing towards the earth at breathtaking speeds.
For several seconds he saw nothing beneath him but grayish black swirling clouds. Then everything cleared and the earth came into view. By this time, he was just two hundred feet above the ground and still falling fast. He closed his eyes and braced for impact.
It took a couple of seconds and then WHUMP!!! He hit the ground hard. The impact with the earth however did not stop him. The force of impact drove him several feet into the ground where he struck a brittle sort of rock, which dissolved beneath him.
Underneath that was a wide cocoon of space, stretching several hundred miles down. This fall reminded him of his fall in Sulphurlock when Brainwave asked him to use a fusion grenade and some ripped propane lines to drill a hole down into the steel forges.
Falling for what seemed like an eternity, he eventually struck what felt and sounded like a metal floor. The force of impact drove a deep concussion into the earth, which rippled away for miles in every direction.
A loud groaning and cracking sound rang out all around him. It sounded like thick heavy rock being ripped apart. Groaning, he sat up slowly, rubbing his tender joints, when a faint sizzling sound reached his ears. He leapt to his feet instantly, scanning his darkened surroundings warily.
The sizzling continued for another twelve seconds before it stopped. Peering into the darkness, he was shocked to see something light up at a point almost at the opposite horizon. Stepping forward, he strained his eyes to get a better look.
A half second later another light lit up; then another, and yet another. The lights kept coming on in a straight line, illuminating the darkness. Before long the light was only ten feet away; then it became five, until invisible bulbs directly over him lit up. The bulbs continued to light up until the earth for miles around was lit up.
Might turned around in awe, realizing he was in what looked like a massive underground airstrip/aircraft hanger. The rusty carcasses of more than two dozen futuristic looking aircrafts lay thirty miles to his right.
To his left, about thirty miles away, were half a dozen buildings that looked like warehouses. His eyes narrowed as he looked at them. Scanning his surroundings once more, he took a deep breath and started towards them.
As he walked, he pondered on what had made the lights in this underground airstrip to come on. It probably had something to do with his fall. Sighing he increased his pace, his booted feet making loud clangs as he walked.
He reached the door of the first warehouse within minutes. His eyes widened as he looked at it. It was a mammoth structure, almost twenty feet high and forty feet wide. The other structures were even bigger than this one was.
Sighing he tried the door. It did not budge. Only then did he notice the keycard pad on the right side of the door. Beneath that was a touch screen with numbers from 0-30 on it. His eyes narrowed; it needed a numbered password to open. His face grew thunderous.
Roaring in fury, he leapt forward and drove a hard blow into the door. The metal surface crumpled like paper as the force of the blow ripped it off its hinges, flinging it several feet backwards where it smashed into the floor, skidding backwards with a grating sound before coming to rest against the legs of a metal conference table.
A thick layer of dust covered the surface of this table. The room smelt moldy and musty. Might choked back a sneeze as he walked into it. A blinking green light on his right caught his attention. He started towards it brushing away the cobwebs along his path. The light came from a square shaped instrument, which was almost completely covered by dust and dirt.
 Brushing the dust off it carefully, he realized the light came from a tiny bulb, about the size of a pinhead. It lay beneath a square shaped button. This button was on the front of the decoder like instrument. There were five of such buttons, each with a tiny bulb underneath it. Only the bulb under the first button was blinking.
Reaching down, he pressed it. There was a screech followed by a thud and a section of the top half of the decoder like instrument slid open, revealing a light, which beamed upwards forming a holographic image. It was the image of a weary looking old man. He wore an army green uniform with four stars sewn onto the left shoulder. He was seated in a chair and appeared to be facing a camera.
“This is General Holdstatt, leader of the 23rd mobile infantry attack squad. I don’t know who you are or where you might be watching this from, but if you are seeing this, it means I am dead and our mission failed. Our attempts at repressing the enemy’s incursion have been grossly ineffective. The threat grows stronger even with the use of our most deadly weapons; it seems the darkness feeds on every attack we make.
“This entire quadrant is almost completely irradiated; we are mostly to blame for that. As a result I am ordering a full retreat and evacuation of any remaining forces from this base to B1 twelve alpha; designation Biosphere. The last transmission I received from NORAD stated that B1 is now up and running. It appears that is where our entire force will make the last stand.
“However before we do that, I and two of my elite mobile units will organize one last sneak attack. If we can get one of our tachyon missiles into the eye of this thing, it might stop it for good. Our attacks on the exterior have failed miserably; but perhaps an interior attack might work. Should my team and I return, I will destroy this message. If we do not, the message will be left here for any straggling forces to find. Here are the co-ordinates. Memorize it and immediately make your way to B1 twelve alpha___”
A series of numbers immediately flashed on the screen. Might quickly memorized the numbers and with a screech the light went off and the message stopped.

                                         Chapter Three

Great sadness filled Might’s insides as the transmission ended. The mission had obviously been a failure. The general and his men had perished.
His sad eyes quickly scanned the room he was in. The round conference table with about two dozen chairs was the only furniture the room had. To his left, nailed into the wall were half a dozen mid sized shelves. The door of each of these shelves had a password track pad beside its handle. A frown roughened Might’s face as he looked at it. To his right was a large door, leading to God knows where. With a building this size, this could not be the only room inside it.
Still frowning, he started for the shelves with long brisk strides. Reaching them, he paused for a couple of seconds before he raised his fingers to touch the first one. It crumbled to brown powder at his touch. He did the same thing with the five other shelves and had the same result.
A shinning substance glittering from the powdery remains of the sixth shelf caught his eye. Frowning he leaned down and reached into the thick pile of dust like wood shavings. His rummaging produced seven keycards, which had a bluish red luminous glow emanating from them.
His frown deepened as he looked at it. There was something vaguely familiar about them. He strained his mind as he struggled to remember. It came to him ten seconds later. They were hover cycle keycards. The hover cycles he had gotten from both Gethsemane and Absalom had keycards like this one. You held it on your person and pushed a button to get the hover cycle going. Without it, the hover cycle would never move.
He rose to his full height and turned around slowly. There was no hover cycle here that much was certain, which meant that he had to check out the other buildings; including the rest of this one. He glanced at the door on the right as he thought this and started towards it a second later.

A mere flick of his wrist brought the door down in a shower of wood and dust. There was a long corridor beyond it. Sighing he started down its length. The corridor ended at another door. This one was made of steel. He tried the handle but it did not budge. Taking a firm stance, he drove a hard right into it. The lock shattered into a million pieces and the door creaked open.
Striding in, he was shocked to see that the entire room was filled with weapons. Pulse rifles, laser cannons, nail guns and some other futuristic looking items that he could comprehend. The hard look on his face softened somewhat. At least he had something to use to defend himself if need be. That was if any of them still worked.
He picked half a dozen weapons from the racks on the wall glancing around as he did so. There did not appear to be any ammunition around that he could see, unless___
He glanced at the Ingram shaped guns in his hands. Heaviness flooded his spirit as he looked at them. These sort of guns were one of Swift’s favorites. Raising the guns slowly, he released a short burst at the shattered remains of the door behind him. The barrels spat out long bursts of red flame ripping the twisted door into shreds.
Satisfaction surged on his insides. So the guns still worked. The ammunition it used was probably self-generating. Examining it carefully, he was surprised to see a strange sort of oil on it. A preservative? Who knew? Sighing he made his way out of the room to continue his search of the building.
His search yielded nothing. That meant he had to search the other buildings too. That thought did not fill him with relish. The other buildings were more than twice the size of this one. Who knew where the hover cycles were kept or if they even worked? Frowning he strode towards the exit. His stomach gave a loud rumble at that instant. A sigh burst from his lips at the sound. Finding food was another top priority.

The second building was a behemoth with two stories. The ground level was only one huge room, built igloo style with reddish brown concrete ceilings. Thick clouds of dust wafted over him as he punched the door open. He sneezed violently several times before walking in.
When the dust cleared, he saw there were seven doors built into the walls in a wide circle. His face brightened as he examined each of the steel doors in turn. Maybe the doors had hover cycles stashed behind them. With a determined look on his face, he made for the first door.
Breaking it down took less than a second. To his chagrin however, he discovered the room behind it was empty. The second room contained two dozen biomechanical suits. He stepped into the room to examine them, holding his breath as he did so.
Brushing the dust off one, he examined the label on the inner lining. Aziomle survival bio-suit provides full protection from radiation and small-scale explosions. The frown on Might’s face grew deeper as he remembered General Holdstatt’s message on the irradiated quadrant. The only question now was whether the suit would work.
Still frowning he unclasped it from the hook it hung from and started for the top story of the building. He discovered nothing there but a stack of papers covered with tons of codes, numbers and words that made no sense to him. He did not have better luck with four other buildings. It was with the sixth that he hit pay dirt.
A dozen hover cycles were arranged in a straight line in the first room he came to. Six of the keycards did not work. The last one however did. It belonged to a giant of a thing, which was all green with silver handlebars, and a skull carved into both of its sides.
Pressing the start button, it chugged loudly for five seconds and went off. Trying it again, it chugged and chugged for so long that for several terrifying seconds Might was afraid it would not work.
Eventually the loud chugging became a smooth purring growl. Leaving it to run for a bit, Might turned his attention to the biomechanical suit. Stripping it of the covering cellophane, he examined it carefully.
A zipper ran all the way down its front. He unzipped it slowly sighing as the piney scent of leather wafted into his nostrils. He shed his battered battle armor and slipped on the biomechanical suit, zipping it closed carefully.
There was an instant jolt within the threads of the suit. His eyes grew wide in alarm when he felt the suit instantly harden, becoming armored as it did so. The collar extended and a hood covered his head. A thick pane of reinforced glass slid out of his neckline and joined the top of the hood sealing his face inside the small compartment with a whoosh. Cool somewhat sweet scented air filled his nostrils, blowing from where he did not know.
Clambering onto the hover cycle, he revved the engine once more and sped out of the building heading for the massive runway in front of it. Reaching the runway, the touch screen console on the hover cycle came to life. Several dots were typed out vertically in a straight line followed by the words co-ordinates.
Might quickly filled in the co-ordinates he had gotten from General Holdstatt’s message. The onboard computer gave several shrill beeps and a holographic map beamed out showing miles and miles of desert terrain, eventually ending at a huge dome shaped structure with the words B1 12 flickering over it.
Gritting his teeth, Might revved the hover cycles twin engines and streaked faster than a bullet in the direction where he hoped the exit was. The lights that lit up the runway began to go off after him for some strange reason. He increased speed, slowing down when he saw a large sign with the words

A pair of huge black steel doors loomed in the distance. A worried look crept on his face when he spotted them. The doors looked thick and formidable. Getting through them would take some doing. The onboard computer spoke at that instant.
Obstacle detected five hundred meters ahead. Activating laser cannons.”
Two formidable looking laser cannons burst out of its sides instantly spitting out several searing red bursts. The steel doors disintegrated into a million tiny pieces, showering the surrounding area with pieces of steel and wood shavings.
Beyond this door was a huge expanse of desert sand stretching to the opposite horizon. The air around this part of the desert was green and cloudy; it was definitely irradiated. With a loud vroom, the hover cycle sped across the sand, crossing hundreds of kilometers in seconds quickly becoming a small dot on the horizon before eventually disappearing from view.

                                         Chapter Four

Gbenga’s eyes focused fixed on Might’s face. His eyes showed his barely contained excitement. He could have sworn the big guy just sighed. Was he waking up?
He realized that was just wishful thinking a few moments later when he saw Might’s breathing return to its usual steady rhythm. Disappointed he returned to his very troubled thoughts.
The doctors of the three crosses hospital felt he was unhinged. He could not say he blamed them. After all, why a man should be spending hundreds of thousands of naira every month on a man who was no relation of his made no rational sense. Not to mention the fact that majority of the hospital staff felt he was better off being left to die.   
Of all of them, he was told Might had been in a coma longest, almost a year now. The longer he spent in a coma, the more likely it was that his brain functions might end up being impaired.
As with all things in Nigeria, no one liked stress. No doctor was willing to continue treating a patient who might never wake up. It was a waste of valuable time and money.
Another sigh burst from his lips at that thought and he leaned back in his chair glancing around his surroundings. The high ceilings, white colored walls and the myriads of machines and equipment connected to Might’s body were as familiar to him as his own skin. His phone rang at that instant dragging him out of his reverie.
He reached into the pockets of the grey slacks he wore and pulled out his Lumia 1860 Smartphone. His eyes grew sad and impatient as he checked the caller ID. It was Seyi, his wife.
Months ago, he would have been pleased to see that she was calling him, but not now; not anymore at any rate. So much had changed since he had awoken and seen the CNN news bulletin about the brilliant scientist’s yet unknown discovery. The whole world was eagerly waiting for the unveiling of his latest scientific marvel, which would be broadcast to everyone on the planet at the G8 summit in Geneva taking place in December. That was barely six months from now.
No one in the world knew that the unveiling of that discovery would trigger the event that would turn earth into Nephilim. He alone knew what the earth’s fate was. He and Seyi that is, because he had told her about it. Sadly, she did not believe him. That unbelief brought strain between them, making them slowly drift apart.
The ringing of his phone grew more insistent. It had a function, which made the ring tone louder the longer you left it unanswered. He had not quite figured out how to turn it off. He made a vow to himself to find out how to do it. Even if he had to dig the manual out from underneath the scores of boxes he had stacked in his study.
He toyed with the idea of simply ignoring the call, but decided not to. The sooner he got it over with the better for him. He pushed the call icon on the touch screen and raised the phone to his ear.
“Why didn’t you pick up your phone immediately?”
As usual, her voice sounded angry. She was obviously spoiling for a fight. He was tempted to yell at her for using that tone of voice with him, but the feeling of anger faded away and was quickly replaced by weariness. It was not worth the trouble to bicker.
“I have no reason__” He said in a glum voice.
A heavy silence loomed from the other end of the phone. He knew what that meant of course. She was controlling her temper with great difficulty. He waited. The silence stretched to half a minute before she spoke.
“Where are you?” Her hard voice had a steely edge to it.
“Do you need to ask?” his tone was sarcastic.
He knew he was asking for it. She almost always threw a hissy fit when he sounded like this.
“THE HOSPITAL AGAIN???!!!” She screeched.
A sigh left his lips. She never disappointed.
“Gbenga when will this madness end?”
“IT IS NOT MADNESS!!!” He roared infuriated by her patronizing tone.
“Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t make it a lie does it? After all, in the early nineteen hundreds, no one believed that man could fly and we all know how that turned out.”
“Don’t bring the Wright brothers into this Gbenga. That is a different thing and you know it.”
“How is it different Seyi? Most of the great men who are now being celebrated today were at one time or the other called mad because of the things they perceived and saw, which nobody else did. The list if endless; Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Richard Branson and if we want to go all spiritual, Jesus Christ.”
“OH PLEASE! Don’t tell me you now see yourself as some sort of modern day Jesus Christ? Just because you have acquired the taste for religion does not give you the right to preach to me. What do you take me for? AN IDIOT??!!
“Now you are wasting your hard earned money trying to keep a man who the doctors say might be better off dead, alive. Not to mention spending millions of naira to build a bunker underneath our home, because of some vision you thought you saw when you were in a coma.
“It was a coma Gbenga! You were practically dead. Its only natural you had dreams and hallucinations.”
“If that is true__” Gbenga cut in angrily. “How did I recognize the three men and one woman lying beside me in the hospital? You believe that was chance? Or the things I saw in my so called hallucinations being reported on CNN a few months after I woke up. Explain that!!”
There was silence at the other end for a few moments, and then__
“I am done arguing with you. Your dinner will be in the microwave when you get back. If you are hungry that is.”
And with a click, the connection was cut. Infuriated, Gbenga slid the phone back into his pocket. Seyi could drive a saint to rage. Let her believe what she liked. Either way he had nothing to lose. Nothing but your marriage, a sardonic voice in his head reminded him. He quickly ignored it.
He was going to keep preparing for the event no matter what anyone had to say about it. If in December the event did not come, he’d turn the bunker into a study/guy hangout and relaxation area for him and the few buddies he had left. If it did come, she would thank him for it. That thought filled his insides with fear.
Seyi and anyone else on the planet could say what they wanted. The event was coming. It would happen in December this year, a little less than six months away. That knowledge came from a place deep within him, from the depths of his being.
It was like Might said when they were both still trapped in Nephilim. There were just some truths you were not sure how or why you knew. You simply knew them because they came from deep within you.
His excursion in Nephilim might be just a fallacy to some, but what mattered was, he knew that it was the truth. His sad eyes drifted to the twenty-one inch flat screen TV hanging on the wall to his right.
It was one of the doctor’s idea. According to him hearing news and other familiar sounds was helpful to coma patients. It sometimes made them able to snap out of it. There was a breaking news broadcast. Reaching towards the small table beside Might’s bed, he picked up the remote control and raised the volume.
”World-renowned scientist Gerald Summers arrives Myanmar amidst a lot of pomp and pageantry. His visit it is believed is first a humanitarian trip and secondly, to check the progress and performance of his genetically engineered rice which produces three times the normal volume of ordinary seeds. Rice as we know is by far the most important agricultural product in Myanmar covering roughly 5.5 million hectares (13.5 million acres) of land in the fertile Irrawaddy delta region, the lower valleys of the Sittang and Salween rivers, and along the Arakan and Tenasserim coasts.
According to Gerald’s claim, his genetically engineered rice could easily produce three or four times the volume using only ten percent of the land surface being cultivated for use. That would be an amazing feat if it is true. Early results of the performance reveal that the seeds are so far keeping up with Gerald’s claims.
Anywhere Gerald steps in the world becomes an instant red carpet style kind of event. Since his discovery of a cure to cancer barely four years ago, the 38-year-old bachelor has shot to the limelight. It is rumored that after this trip he will be heading to some countries in North Africa to check out his samples of maize seeds, which are purported to be able to grow in any environment known to man. It could be desert, snow, ice or even flooded areas. Sounds mind boggling, but with the amazing Gerald Summers, anything is possible___”
                                         Chapter Five

The report went on. Gbenga watched with sad frightened eyes. He could not tear his gaze from the black haired, tall and rather harmless looking guy dressed in an ill fitting black suit. His blue eyes were hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses, which seemed too big for his face.
The guy looked every bit the nerd, which in retrospect was what he was. No one would believe he was the man destined to bring on the apocalypse. Maybe he was the Anti-Christ spoken about in bible lore. Who knew anyway?
The guy was a celebrity. He drew more crowds than a teenage Justin Bieber had done. Even the most popular actors, actresses, sports stars and what not could not hold a candle to him. He was a freaking legend. And no one had a clue that he was about to unleash the darkness that would seal hundreds of millions of fates around the globe, most of whom were his loyal adoring fans and admirers. What a world.
His eyes narrowed as he thought this. Since he realized what was going to happen he had begun to find out all he could about Gerald Summers. Most of his research files and papers were on his desk at home. He needed to study them.
His eyes drifted to Might still lying prone on the bed. His chest rose and fell with his even breathing. Frowning Gbenga rose to his feet reaching for the cane leaning against the white plastic chair he had been sitting on. Putting most of his weight on the cane, he limped towards the bed.
Standing over Might’s even features brought tears to his eyes. He blinked them away furiously. Now was not the time for tears. So much had to be done. Reaching down with his left hand, he gently stroked Might’s cheek.
“You have to come out of it bro__” He murmured. “I am not going to give up on you even if everyone else has given up on you. Come out and help me figure out how we are going to survive the event. You are the only one that knows what I know and has seen what I have seen. I am alone out here. Once more I need your help.”
Might did not respond. He listened for a tell, maybe a shift of his toes or fingers, a change in his breathing, anything to tell whether the big guy had heard him. Alas, he got nothing. With a deep sigh, he headed for the door of the room, opened it and stepped out into the corridor behind it before he shut it firmly.


The land became more rugged and uneven. Huge craters were everywhere, their interiors filled with a black cloying darkness, which seemed almost alive. The lights of the hover cycle beamed out illuminating tens of kilometers ahead.
Might eyes were hard as he revved the engines of the hover cycle making it zoom ahead with greater speed. The cloudy green haze that hung in the air had not gotten any lighter. In fact, it seemed thicker making visibility even poorer.
His eyes drifted to the center console of the onboard computer. It counted down the miles he still had to travel on a digital stopwatch kind of thing. According to the computer, he still had about a day’s travel before he got to within a hundred clicks of the biosphere.
His eyes narrowed as a thought suddenly occurred to him. He reached down and tapped his finger on the touch screen. The screen went blank for several seconds and then the words Inquiry? Appeared followed by a series of dashes.
A key board appeared on the lower part of the screen a second later. He quickly typed in Biosphere and waited. Several shrill beeps later, the screen came alive.
My information systems are in serious need of updates. The satellite systems I automatically update from are either not available at the moment or are no longer in existence.
However, what I do have is this__
The biosphere is the biological component of earth systems, which include the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and other spheres. The biosphere includes all living organisms on earth together with the dead organic matter produced by them.

The information kept coming. Might put the hover cycle into autopilot and struggled to read it. Earth! What was that? Nothing he read seemed to make much sense. Eventually he tired of it and reached for the screen again, typing the words B1 twelve alpha.
The computer gave some more loud shrieks and then began to type once again.
B1 twelve alpha; designation biosphere; a top secret military installation built by the remnant of the Aziomle communication franchise, assisted by Zebra one, which is a code name for the top echelon of the science arm of the military.
B1 was modeled after the Biosphere of the earth, hence the code name B1 twelve alpha. B1 is an environmental controlled city, built when it became evident that the military was losing the war against the ether-tome, another code name given to the ether darkness; and the whole earth was becoming irradiated by nuclear and biological warfare.
As that the time of the last update of my records, the site of B1 had been chosen with construction almost complete. This information you are reading was at the time of its uploading deemed classified. Password access was only given to the top level of government, but was later made public when the major onslaught led by General Holdstatt failed. This was to allow any stragglers or lost survivors to find their way to the biosphere.
The Biosphere was designed to be man’s last-ditch hope of survival. It is an impregnable dome structure, with highly advanced defense systems reputed to be able to fend off even an alien attack. The biosphere is self-sustaining; it has its own climate, water, electricity and waste disposal system. It does not need interference from any outside source.
Pockets of human survival accompanied by what still remained of the world governments were herded to the Biosphere. Soldiers deployed to different parts of the earth began to find their way back to make their final stand against the ether-tome and___
With a screech the typing stopped. Might sighed surmising that was where the onboard computer’s record stopped. His eyes hardened as he looked into the greenish gloom around him.
Eleyon told him to find the Biosphere. What secrets lay in the Biosphere that could give him the means to get home? Sighing again, he took the hover cycle off autopilot and streaked into the distance disappearing into the thick smog around him.

                                          Chapter Five
A few hundred kilometers away, the computer on the hover cycle gave several loud beeps rousing him from his reverie. The sensors picked out about five different forms traveling in a straight path towards him.
From the little he could see on the computer, they appeared to be people riding on some strange looking contraptions he was not sure whether were machine or living. He drew one of his Ingram shaped guns strapped to the side of his biomechanical suit. The gun beeped as the ammunition it used, generated and slid into the chamber.
He raised the gun up, pointing it straight ahead, as the hover cycle ate up the miles between it and whatever was coming. The gloom surrounding him suddenly lightened and the moving forms came into view.
His eyes narrowed as he looked at them. They looked like people, really tall people. His hand tightened around his guns and he did not lower them. A couple more steps closer and he could see them very clearly.
The things they were riding on were the first thing to catch his eye. They looked like a sort of mutated camel with rivers of saliva dribbling from their mouths. The men or things that rode them wore cloaks with large hoods, which shielded their faces from view.
They stopped short when they saw him. The tallest amongst them took a deep breath and urged his animal forward, stopping five paces away from Might’s hover cycle.
“Who are you?”
His voice sounded harsh and mechanical. Might was puzzled about that until he leaned closer and realized he was talking out of some sort of gas mask.
“My name is Might! Who are you?”
“I am Obededom and these are my men.”
“Men? Not machines?”
“Hardly__.” Obededom chuckled. “We are men alright. Or at least we use to be.”
“What do you mean by that?” Might said curling his finger around the trigger of his gun.
“You walk around this irradiated part of Nephilim long enough with or without protection and its bound to have some negative effects on you. My men and I are nomads. We have traveled these irradiated wastelands for years eking out a meager existence and surviving anyway we can.”
“Where are you from originally?”
Obededom shrugged. “Many different places. I used to live in Absalom. Neamo here was one of the warrior prophets of Gethsemane.” He said pointing at the tall well built man seated on the creature a few feet to his left.
“He and his companions almost got to Mount Karnack when the skeleton horsemen attacked them. When they were about to be overwhelmed, one of his members activated a fusion grenade and he found himself here, lying a couple of miles beyond Karnack.”
 “It was the same thing that happened to me.” Might said with a gasp, looking at Neamo with awe. For some strange reason he felt a kinship with the man that he had only ever known when he was with his amnesiac companions.
“Where do you come from Might?”
“Not really sure Obededom. I have no memories beyond a month ago. I woke up in the desert plains of Nephilim a few hundred clicks from Absalom with four other companions.
“We journeyed to Gethsemane hoping to find answers to our amnesia; there we met the head prophet Mordecai who sent us on a journey to find the city of light. Three of my companions perished on the way. The fourth managed to enter the flight and escaped from Nephilim.”
“Escaped from Nephilim?? What do you mean escaped from Nephilim? How does one escape from Nephilim?”
Might could see he had their full attention now. He lowered his gun but did not ease his hard grip on it.
“I think he found his way into the city of light.”
“The city of light? Isn’t that just a fairy tale? Does it truly exist?”
“I think it does. Swift was carried into it. I saw it with my own eyes.”
A long silence followed his words. A silence Obededom eventually broke.
“So where are you headed?”
Might hesitated. He did not want to lie but at the same time, he did not want to reveal too much to these strangers. He did not completely trust them yet. It was at that instant that Eleyon spoke.
“Tell them__ you need something that they have. And they will only give you when you tell them where you are going.”
His voice came so suddenly that Might almost jumped. He was just able to keep it together.
“I am headed to B1 twelve alpha.”
“What is B1 twelve alpha?” Neamo asked with a puzzled look on his face. Might’s eyes widened in surprise at that, so Neamo could speak? Wonderful!
“It is called the biosphere. An abandoned military installation built__”
“To house the remnant of the human forces__” Neamo finished slowly. “After the failure of Holdstatt at the war of the ether-tome.”
“How in the world could you know that?” Might asked shocked.
“I used to be a prophet remember? Our records are more reliable than anywhere else on Nephilim. What do you hope to find in the biosphere?”
“I am not sure yet. But whatever it is I hope it will give me the means to escape from Nephilim.”
A long silence followed his hard statement. This time it was Neamo that spoke.
“Then you are going to need food for your journey. We can only spare a couple of moldy bread and two tins of salted fish plus a canteen of water. Its engineered liquid so you do not have to drink too much of it at a go. And you can go longer before you need to drink again.” He looked to Obededom for permission as he said this and the man nodded.
One of the men at the back leaped off his animal and walked over to Might, handing him a medium sized package wrapped in thick cellophane. It looked and felt like a cooler.
“Thank you so much__” Might said moved by their generosity.
“Don’t worry about it. Just wish we could do so much more. Travel safe Might and may the most peaceful and favorable things of the universe follow you.”
Obededom had already driven his heels into the sides of the animal he rode and the creature cantered forward, sweeping past Might. The others quickly followed and seconds later Might was once again alone.
He sighed and strapped the cooler to the side of the hover cycle taking hold of the handlebars once again. Revving the engine, he sped off into the distance, even as the onboard computer began to count down the miles he still had to cover.

He traveled for a few more hundred miles before he realized that he was being followed. Nothing around him suggested that what he thought was true, but he just sensed it from deep within him.
That was despite the fact that the earth had also began to tremble. Something or tons of something were racing towards him at high speeds. He amped up the speed of the hover cycle hurtling over the land so fast that it was as if a heavy hand was pressed down on him.
The thundering behind grew louder. He whipped his head back to catch a glimpse of what was chasing him but he saw nothing. The scans on the onboard computer revealed nothing.
And then he saw it. It was a giant of a thing, smoky grey in color with horns on its head and flashing red eyes. He had his gun out in a flash and fired long bursts of red flame, which created massive explosions behind him.
The creature gave a loud shriek. What he was not sure of was whether it shrieked in pain or anger. Only then did he notice the others. Their numbers seemed to be in the thousands but something told him they were not more than a few hundreds at most.
They came out of the cloudy haze in droves racing after the hover cycle slurring and growling. He squeezed more bursts from his guns, decapitating tens of them, but more still came.
He increased speed, frowning when he noticed a grating clang coming from the hover cycle’s twin engines. He was pushing the poor thing too hard. Glancing back, he was shocked to discover that the giant grey creature was much closer.
There were barely four paces between him and the creature now. With a loud roar, it crossed the intervening distance in seconds and swept Might off the hover cycle with a deft flick of its wrist.
The cycle fell on its side, slid for about twelve feet and became still. Might hit the ground hard and came up swinging as the creature bore down on him. The force of the blow lifted the giant creature high in the air and deposited him almost five miles behind, its heavy body digging a deep furrow into the desert sand. It groaned for a bit and became still.
The rabid mob following it slid to a screeching halt and screamed when they saw their leader go down. With more screams, they raced back the way they had come leaving their leader lying prone on the ground.

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