Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be still

There is a moment in your life you ask yourself why.... I mean you just look up at the sky almost like you are looking God in the eye and you'd be like why?
There are moments that are hard to define when it's like everyone or everything wants to put a finger in your eye.
There are moments you just lean back, take a deep breath and say hi pips! I am TIRED!
But you know what? Those are the moments that something wonderful could come between the lines and perhaps bring a smile.
I am at such a moment. Where I am hated by those I thought would love and appreciate what I've done, would see me for who I really am. But all I get is misunderstanding and condemnation.
But you know what? I refuse to be put down. I refuse to let the enemy win. I refuse to allow distractions get the better of me.
I am determined to keep my eyes on God and take calming breaths as I march through the storms. His words.... Be still and know I am God.
For you out there who might troubled as you read this, I say to you be still.
For you perhaps bent under the weight of unpaid bills I say be still, for you suffering for love, abused perhaps abandoned and hurt, I tell you to be STILL. God works... And like he has delivered me countless times he'll deliver you too.
Live calm, live peaceful and above all live FREE

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I feel fear.... That might be too strong a word, perhaps anxiety, nervousness might be closer to what I want to describe; but nooooo! It's fear!
Why am I fearful? That emotion usually consumes me when I am trying to undertake something beyond my physical, mental or even financial capacity.
I fear the unknown, the unclarity that lies ahead. As a Christian I feel and look shamefaced. Cos my heavenly Father doesn't expect me to fear. Unfortunately I cannot help it.
To the casual eye I am calm, confident. But that's just a smoke screen. My heart threatens to run away from me.
Why? Because I am attempting to do what millions of men have done for centuries. What is that you might ask? Smiles! Unfortunately I cannot say, at least not here.
In life there is nothing new or uncommon. What was done before will probably be done again and again and even better.
But like every fingerprint every humans situation is unique. There might be some similarities but for the most part each situation experiences some level of variance.
I try to be confident, looking to God and pray he delivers cos if he doesn't my goose is cooked.
To be fair to him he has never disappointed me. Whatever he says he will do he always does. But I guess it's human nature to be afraid. I read somewhere that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move on in spite of your fear. So I'll keep taking steps. Not fixing my eyes or my thoughts on those that have failed at what I am trying to do. I chose to see myself succeeding and the good Lord helping me. I don't know what lies in tomorrow. But I know who controls all tomorrow. He is my source, Lord be my watch. Cos without you this cannot be done. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Atheist Conundrum

Just heard this afternoon that Brangelina are on the verge of a split. I smile cos I remember what I was doing when the news reached me. I was on Wikipedia, reading about Daniel Radcliffe. The movies he's done, his beliefs etc. Wasn't that much of a shock to realize he is an atheist. Which for those who do not know is when an individual doesn't believe in the existence of a deity. To put it simply to those of us who are Christians, he doesn't believe God exists.
My search then took me to Mark Zuckerberg. According to Wikipedia he's now the fifth richest person on the planet. He also is a sworn atheist though according to him he finds some religions interesting.
I paused at that juncture. I now decided to put my phone down and pray, a question and expecting answers kind of prayer.
I asked HIM why he opened the doors of favor so mightily to those who deny his existence while those that believe and serve him so intimately are sometimes left in obscurity.
Of course I was a bit frightened, he is the Almighty father after all. What right does one as insignificant as myself have to question him. The only solace I could give myself was Peter questioned Jesus at some point, when he did not understand somethings.
When my short prayer was finished I lay back and grew still, waiting for him to speak to me. And then it suddenly occurred to me, maybe he allowed these men to be so richly blessed because they had the right mindset. Mark especially (at least according to what I read about him) he wasn't really searching for wealth, riches or even recognition. He was looking for a way to impact the lives of people.
I surmised that perhaps that is the key. Perhaps that was what God saw that made him elevate him.
I mean think about it. See how many lives he has impacted, two billion active users lives have changed a lot since Facebook came. Many of us probably can't imagine a life without it. I threw this thought out to my friends. One disagreed, he didn't really place much importance in a divine hand being behind it. He believed it was just hardwork and diligence that paid off.
He even went as far as saying having religion may serve as an impediment. I chose to ignore the latter part but instead focused on the former.
Hardwork! Yeah that's very important, but if just working hard brought life changing events why aren't the artisans and manual labourers the richest?
I for one refuse to dismiss the subject of favor. Some men I believe are favored above others. Not because they are better but because of the number of destinies tied to theirs.
How many have come out of poverty through the use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. No business worth its salt doesn't have a Facebook page or a Twitter handle. So you see... The keyword here is impact. He chose to impact people's lives and got filthy rich in the process.
As an indie author, without platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blogger and so on, my word and message could not reach the world.
Think whatever you like, but personally I don't see how one man could connect two billion people on hardwork alone. Such results are beyond the normal or ordinary, maybe I am so ready to believe this because of my belief in a God so powerful and mighty he awes and scares the bejesus out of me.
I can only pray he grants me the grace, wisdom and humility to allow myself to be used by him and perhaps change a few lives along the way.
But people like Radcliffe, Zuckerberg and so many others have shown me that God can use anyone to make a difference if said person is willing and has a heart for humanity.
Perhaps you that is reading this is the next big thing. Keep dreaming big and in those dreams see yourself putting smiles on the face of the little guy, impacting our dark world for the better, shine a little light, and watch it burn EXTRA BRIGHT!