Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Divide

The artistic strokes bring the painting to life
With his creativity he has crossed the New Divide
Brought light
To Darkness
Peace to strife
A feeling akin to what God did
When he created life
Even as i write
I feel humbled by the knowledge
That i do right in his eyes

The painter and I
We feel the touch of the divide
He alone gives us the inspiration
To make hope out of the emptiness
Most people call life
All people, of all nations connected to his light
We are the NEW DIVIDE
The sons of God who are to manifest
His Light

Each stroke, each word
Written or painted
Expresses new loves
A new force
The Manifestation of God's son
Because of him I am REBORN

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Her skin is light
Almost milky
Sleek to the touch
Her palms so soft
Her lips ruby red
Her eyes blazing, searing
Like two flaming torches
Toyin, Toyin

Your beauty
Drives every thought
from my insides
You look over my shouder
My eyes are fixed on the stars
You circle around
Determined to catch my eyes
Your mouth widens into a magnificently
Sensual smile
I feel your hands trace a line
Slowly down my spine
I open my eyes
Now we both smile
My heart beats at the speed of light
You reach over and touch my cheek
I feel weak.... Sweat pools on my skin
Then my phone rings and I sigh with relief

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Konga - The Beginning

The First two chapters of my new book coming out very soon

Chapter One
There was a decrepit looking hut in a small clearing in the middle of a large dark forest. A small reed thin man clothed in a black Dangodo with one ado ato tied on each shoulder stood before an eerie looking altar with another tall stately looking man in front of him, a messenger from the King. The sound of thunder and falling raindrops rumbled outside the small hut. Inside the hut was dark and dank smelling, the only source of light came from the altar which exuded a bluish neon glow.
“What do you see, old Witch Doctor?” The tall messenger said with a low growl.
“Ayomide you will never change.” The Ifa priest said with a chuckle.
“I wonder why his Lordship bothers to send for you in the first place. It’s painfully obvious you have no patience for the emissary of the gods.”
“Spare me your lectures, Witch Doctor, or do you plan to curse me for my unbelief? My Lord knows I have little patience for all his orishas and herbalists. I see them as a pitiful waste of valuable time. Fast and decisive actions have always been the solution to the world’s problems and I have told his majesty several times before.” Ayomide the messenger shot back.
“The gods may yet punish you for your unbelief. You blaspheme in the house of the IFA!!! You surely deserve to be struck down.” The Ifa priest said his face hardening.
“Oh, I quiver in fear! Say your piece old man so that I can be gone from this slime pit and most importantly… So that I can be gone from you!” Ayomide snarled
“The message the gods give is that evil approaches on the horizon. But this evil is not from the quarters the king expects.” The priest said with a deep sigh.
“You speak in riddles, old man!!!”
“That I may do Ayomide, but what I tell you is that which I have heard from the mouths of the gods themselves. The vibrations from the outer realm do not bode any good will.”
“You confuse one, old conjuror. Speak in words I can understand.”
“There is dissention amongst the gods, one of the slaves or should we say servants of the great Ifa has turned against the almighty.”
“What has a coup in the other realm have to do with what’s happening in this kingdom?”
“Heard not you have of Eshu?”
“No!” Ayomide replied shaking his head.
“The god of mischief, he has been cast down amongst us. Ifa warns that he walks the earth amongst us and in time he will raise a man and an army who will challenge the king’s rule and if care is not taken, the mighty city of Ife might be laid to waste and in ruins.”
“That seems a bit far fetched, old conjuror.” Ayomide said with a derisive snort, though a slight tremor went through his limbs as he said this.
“You would do well to heed my words and try to convince his Majesty of the seriousness of the situation.” The Ifa priest said in a cold voice.
A heavy silence pervaded the inside of the dark hut.

Chapter Two
Ife. . .
Oba Abiodun Babatunde was a tall powerful looking man with long limbs and skin the color of tar. He was dressed in a long flowing sky blue agbada. In his right hand he held a white horse tail. He sat on a tall wooden mahogany throne which was covered with animal skins. He was surrounded by five members of his council including Ayomide his messenger
“So that is the message from Ifa, Ayomide?” Oba Abiodun asked, his voice rich, deep and powerful.
“I say it as it was spoken your majesty.” Ayomide answered bowing.
“Eshu! I have heard of him but it has been many moons since his name was last spoken amongst us.” said Ogunmolade, a short squat man with a portly belly and dressed in a white silk agbada. He was also the oldest member of the council.
“Do you think this tale can be true? That we are to worry less about our common enemies… that the enemy we have to fear is from within?” Abere Ifa, another council member, asked.
“Ifa has never lied and everything it has ever practiced or spoken of has been the truth.” Oba Abiodun said with a weary sigh.
Ayomide snorted.
Oba Abiodun turned sharply to face Ayomide a hard frown on his face. “Do you have something you wish to share with us, Ayomide?” He asked frostily.
“No my Lord. You are well aware on my feelings on this subject.” Ayomide said quietly, falling on his knees.
“Then your complete silence from here on would be required.” The King snapped his voice going even colder.
“Yes my LORD!” Ayomide replied quietly.
“So… how do we proceed, my Lord?” Ogunsakin asked. He was one of the lower council members.
“We shall have spies sent to every area in the kingdom. They will be our eyes and ears for any strange happenings that occur. This should allow us to have ample time to quell any uprising.” Oba Abiodun replied.
There were several loud murmurs of agreement from every man present except Ogunmolade and Ayomide.
“But your majesty, shouldn’t we inform your chiefs about what is happening? What Ifa has foretold?” Ogunmolade asked.
“No Ogunmolade!!! Our best option will be to proceed in secrecy. Some of my chiefs may be part of this plan. I trust no one. We shall let events slowly unfold.” The Oba replied.
Loud murmurs of agreement greet this pronouncement. Ayomide kept his peace this time.

Later that Night. . .
Underneath a darkened groove beneath a thick cluster of plantain trees on the outskirts of the kingdom, two men in long dark robes meet; their faces in hoods, hidden.
“Have you heard about the prophesy?” The first man asked
“It’s true! Eshu is amongst us. I feel like leaping for joy.” The second replied.
“And you swear on Ogun that you speak the truth and this news was given at the council meeting earlier today?” the first man asked.
“I speak the truth. That buffoon Ayomide brought back the news from Ifa yesterday night. The king summoned a meeting of the council immediately Ayomide briefed him.” The second man replied.
“Yes, what we have been waiting for so long. After Sango’s demise, and Babatunde’s rise to the throne, this kingdom has gone to the dogs! It just shows that my family’s loyalty to the other powers that control this world has not been in vain after all.” The first man said with a satisfied sigh.
“You mean! Your supplications, your prayers… Does it have something to do with Eshu’s coming?” the second man asked in a surprised tone.
“Hush up! Nkan ti oju o ri enu o ni so! You will know more as my plans and the plans of Eshu unfold. For now be patient. Keep on performing your duties as an active member of the council and if anything new crops up, you let me know. Is that understood?” The first man said, the threat implied subtly.
“Yes.” The second man answered quietly.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

G.I. Joe, District 9 and Inglorious Basterds

Saw the three movies recently and by the time i finished it was kinda with mixed feelings.
District 9 wasn't what i expected at all. A very good movie with a modest budget and STILL it put a whole lotta these big hollywood blockbusters to shame. Big spending but with no content...
My only grieviance against the movie was the constant attacks it kept making to Nigerians as whole. We all know Nigeria has some problems but that doesn't mean you should base every bad thing that happens in the movie to the Nigerians who were a little better than barbarians in that movie which is wrong...
G.I. Joe hmnnnnnnnn.... A bit silly for my taste. Don't get me wrong it has good visuals and very nice action sequences but the story is weak and full of plot holes. I'd rate it a C.
Inglorious Basterds. lol............A hit! Tarantino has done it again. Nuff said