Monday, December 14, 2009

The name they call me

What name do they call me?
If there were words to describe me aptly
What words would they be?
Deep within I wonder
But I sigh because I truly have no answer
Even I have no clue
To what I AM AFTER
All I know is like a romantic fool I long for happily
Ever after
The dark voice says shrieking with laughter

What name does she call me?
Lol……..One or all of these names might be the truth
I roam the earth,
My world, searching for an uncertain truth
What does it matter what they call me?
Their opinions don’t matter
What matters is me!
What I feel about myself
What I feel about me

What name does he call me?
He knows I am this and more
AND YET! He still loves me

What the night brought

What the night brought

It was nine hours ago
It seems like a whole lifetime
Has vanished
I have traveled forward in time
Gotten to a place
Where I have been
Washed away by the rain
Every little tick of the clock brought pain
When she who I felt was my world went away
As I signed out of yahoo messenger
I felt a part of my heart had been ripped away

Then a text came my way
It gave me a number on a day I’ll like to call
One merry O’le day
I called and 48 hours to the date
My life changed
Her voice was rich and sultry
The kind of voice that makes my heart skip
A couple of beats
Drives up the HEAT
In every single part of me
Then for reasons I couldn’t explain
I was no longer alone
I laughed in a way I haven’t laughed in weeks
The funny part was
I was harder than I had ever been
Haunted by images
Drawn by the words we speak
Out and in
Head on and across
Gyrations right to left, up and down
Hot and cold….
Wet and wild….throbbing and hard
With the hope that perhaps
She might just be mine