Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Future

I see eyes
I see smiles
I see things that many people
Would find difficult to understand
I see the skies
Clear cloudless
Vibrant, shinning with light
Shinning with a purity and brilliance
Many would find difficult to describe

But in spite
Of all the distractions
The pretty faces
That surround my psyche
All I feel is that they are distractions
All I say is get the hell out

Because all I see
Is my future stretched out in front of me
All I feel is the hunger
Inside of me
The beauty, peace
And riches I can achieve
If I focus
On what he needs me to see
And I will cause he lives in me



Tell me something real
Tell me what you really need
Tell me what you want from me
And I will tell you what I can give
Tell me what you see when you look at me
And I will tell you how much it affects
Me when I gaze upon your breathtaking beauty

Tell me what you see
Ten or fifteen years ahead of me
Ahead of you
Tell me your dreams
And I will tell you what fires up
My being
Tell me what you fear most
And I’ll tell you something with a little boast
Conquer your fear and you’ll cheat death and gloat
Tell me you love me
And maybe just maybe our feelings
Could be one and the same thing
Stand beside me and together
You and I could achieve anything
Tell me something real
And I will tell you that which will make
You breathe
Deeply every time you think of me