Thursday, December 29, 2011


You seem aloof

Quiet, somewhat peaceful

As if you exist in a world no external force can breach

You intrigue me

Maybe it's your aloofness that puzzles me

It's like there is more to you than the eyes see

When I look at you

It's as if am standing on a high cliff

Seeing vast lands beneath me

And wondering

What treasures lie within

Your quietness

Is like the quiet stillness of a stream

Your eyes lighting up the darkness of the sky

Your mind

Which you keep secret might hold treasures

Even the pharoahs couldn't

In the hundred years of their reign amass

You are a beautiful mystery my words cannot describe

It will take me a lifetime


I could be at a football stadium watching a game

with fifty thousand people screaming around me

and yet i will be


I could have a million girls

calling out to me

Shouting and screaming

Saying they love me

And yet i'll be


I could live in the lap of luxury

have a dozen Aston Martins

A huge sprawling mansion

Larger thanthe land my town sits on

And yet i'll shout I am sprung because I'll be


I could hold your hand

We could walk over desert sands

Smile as the sun's rays danced with our swinging hands

And my spirit man

Will tell me

You are the one

But I'll still be


Alone till these words bring my hopes HOME

What its about

It is not about the money

It's about peace

About a vision

It's about a cry within my system

it's about believing

knowing this is what God in heaven

Put in you that cries for fulfillment

It's not about the race

I am running

It's not even about the clock that is ticking

It's about life to me

having some sort of meaning

It's about believing

Believing in something

Some say has no rhyme or reason

It's about seeing

Seeing beyond what the eyes can see

It's about soothing the ache

in your troubled spirit

It's about being what the spirit

Keeps calling me to be

It's about being free

Soaring like a bird

Flying like a Pegasus

Over the land of greece

It's about being me___ being all i can be