Friday, January 14, 2011


I wait
For what? For him to show his face
And tell me it is ok
I hate
This inactivity …..being so still
It grates
On my nerves …..this seemingly pointless delay
But the times I ran
At my own dictates
Where did it land me?
In naught but a charade
So I wait
For him to tell me it’s ok
That this pain
Will not bring DELAY
He came
To bring peace my way
It’s his universe
It’s his game
Am simply a tiny
Part in the grand scale
He alone knows the way
Knows how and when
This deadlock will break
So why worry?
And be in haste
With him I can never be too late
He is the way
All I have to do is follow
And I am made
So I wait
For his light to break forth
Like day and light up my way

Letter to the rib

Where are you?
Why can I not find you?
I cannot tell you
How long I have searched for you
Hours have I pondered on what I would do
What I would say
When I first gazed at your face
What I would say
How you would respond
When I told you
The way
You’ve made my heart
Hunger for you in the sweetest of ways
I cannot fight the fates
Neither can I choose my way
Without the man upstairs having his say
That is why I search a face
Millions of faces
But the one
That will be my fate
Comes at his pace
I face
The horizon
Standing as a citizen
Though a somewhat imperfect son
Standing where I belong
Waiting for you
To come home
So two will become one
And peace will reign forever more


You are gone .....

Like dreaming of summer while trapped in the dead of winter

You are gone..

Remembering happiness in the throes of sadness

You are gone...

Stagnation where once there was progress

She is gone ....

Aloneness where once we had togetherness

She is gone ...

Lost when there once was direction

She is gone ....

Coldness in the place of warmth

She is gone....

Fear where there was bravery

She is gone ....

Weakness replaces power

She is gone ....

The end instead of a beginning

You are gone ....

Dissatisfaction where i had fulfilment

You are gone ...

Alas .....

Now there is focus

Where once there was distraction

Lightness and heaviness

both singing the same song

Panic and haste

Has been replaced

With peace and resignation

Now my work has just begun

Why? Because she is GONE!

My Mis - Education

Some call it poetry

I say its a mystery

The true personification of my spirit being

The real defination of me

I hear things

Loud voices in my psyche

So poignant

That breath eludes me

Life becomes random strings of code

That can only be deciphered by the holy ghost

I cannot paint these pictures

With word of mouth alone

Even the written verse is incapable of driving my point home

So when i try to draw a blueprint

Of the puzzle that is me

It becomes an album

I'd gladly title

The Mis education of DEE

Its like showing words and expecting the blind man to see

Instead of writing it with braille

On tablets of stone so he can believe

I have resigned myself to the knowledge

That perhaps this is how it is meant to be

And with this knowledge