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My Boss is a Screaming Genie!
"There's a particular Harry Potter scene that comes to my mind, every time I think or talk about my boss. It's the scene where Ron Weasley's mother sent him a howler (a letter that reads itself out, screaming), after taking the flying car to school. My boss yells and howls constantly; it's getting on my last nerve of control and sanity"
This is the story of a young lady frustrated at her job, seriously confused about how to handle her boss and the horrible situation at work. This story is a worthy read as your advice is needed.

KCOBA Partners with to Launch its Job Fair
Kings College Old Boys Association (KCOBA) breaks the ground by collaborating with Jobberman on its career fair coming up.
Date and Time:15, September 2012. 10 am-5pm
Venue: Assembly Hall, Kings' College, TBS, Lagos

KCOBA is an association of people that have graduated from Kings College. It is a well organized association and has been in existence for over seven decades. The career fair is being organized for Kings College old boys. More than 50 recruiters have been invited to the Fair.

Registration for the Fair closes on Friday, 7th September, 2012. Registration is compulsory for attendance - you will get an email or SMS confirmation on the companies interested in meeting you at least 2 days before the Fair.

Interested KCOBA graduates should log in, register and upload their CVs on the KCOBA Career Fair website.

Light Bulb Tips
You are probably thinking about setting up your own business and doing something that you can call your own. Richard Branson has these tips and advice excellent for Start ups and ultimately for good business. They are worth sharing with you.
1. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. You must love what you do.
2. Be innovative: Create something different that will stand out.
3. Your employees are your best asset. Happy employees make for happy customers.
4. Lead by listening: Get feedback from your staff and customers on a regular basis.
5. Be visible: Market the company and its offers by putting yourself or a senior person in front of the cameras.

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Artists and their reps are selective when picking an outlet to premiere their new music. Black Eyed Peas frontman just raised the bar. On Tuesday, the "I Got A Feeling" rapper debuted his new single, "Reach For The Stars," from Mars -- not a nightclub named after the Red Planet, but the actual celestial body located fourth from the sun in the solar system.
The rapper and producer, who is big on science and technology, teamed with NASA to broadcast the uplifting song via the Curiosity Rover that landed on Mars earlier this month.
For the premiere, joined NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California for an educational event to speak to students about Mars, play the song and explain the technology used for the transmission. (photo: NASA)
The song lyrics use space as a metaphor for achieving goals. "Why do they say that the sky is the limit when we have footprints on the moon," raps. "I know the sky might be high … Let's reach for the stars." said the partnership with NASA is a dream come true. "I had no idea that one day I would have a meeting at NASA, and I never thought that in a billion years a song would hitch a ride on a rocket and when it lands on Mars it would be beamed back to earth," he said in a video statement.
[Related: Suspected burglar of LL Cool J home plead not guilty]
will didn't create an electronic pop sound for "Reach For The Stars." "Reach" features a children's choir and an orchestra. "I don't think it's a right thing to do to send a computer beat to Mars," he said. "So I wanted to put an orchestra together to show human collaboration, exercising their skills, their craft. That robot is going to Mars but a piece of humanity, art, is going as well."
Last year, and Dean Kamen produced — Science Is Rock And Roll, a one-hour ABC special that covered the 20th annual FIRST robotics competition for high school students.

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Do you know that Words can make you look stupid?

I am a lover of Microsoft word and its environs, I can think on the writing pad and just ramble on and on without pausing to look at what I have written. Well, that was before I sent in an important essay to be edited. And behold! Errors beyond my intention. Thank goodness, it was a friend of mine I sent it to. He called me to ask if I was not sleeping when I wrote the essay and "of course not" was my reply. So, he launch ed into a detailed lecture of why solely depending on Microsoft word to check my spellings and context is just plain wrong.

Think about it, Microsoft word cannot read your mind and most likely does not know why you are writing, so save it the stress of doing what it is not meant for. It can only check some of your spellings and punctuation. It is not capable of knowing the context of meaning and use; it does not have the capability to understand your perspectives. It is limited in its editing capacity. Edit and re-edit your work.

The point is this - Words can Make You Look Stupid! And there's no reason to look stupid.

We also need to lay low on the mobile device short forms of writing. Take the tedious time to write the correct version of words in your chats and comments. The short forms are horrible and error-filled and are finding their way into every written speech.
I remember reading this on a blog talking about how words have funny effects and it just drove the point home, "Did you mean pacific or specific? Cause seriously one is an ocean."

So, really write precisely what you mean. Check here for the post on how typographical errors can kill your career.

Read, Grow, Live.
Knowledge is essential to growth and having deep roots in a competitive world. Read, grow and live.

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Ind. mom convicted in son's death in fire released

GREENSBURG, Ind. (AP) — Kristine Bunch hugged her mother and her teenage son, basking in the warm Indiana sunshine for the first time Wednesday afternoon following 16 years behind bars for a murder she said all along she didn't commit.
Jailers released the grinning 38-year-old woman, who had traded her olive green jail clothes for a new dress, less than a half-hour after a Decatur County judge granted her $5,000 cash bail at the suggestion of prosecutors. The state plans to try her again on murder and arson charges for the 1995 fire that killed her 3-year-old son.
The whirlwind that followed her arrest in 1996, when she was accused of setting the blaze that destroyed her Greensburg mobile home and claimed her son Tony's life, seemed like a bad dream at the time, Bunch said. "I was in shock," she said.
Being released from prison was like a dream, too, but "in a good way," she said.
"Now, it's like I can't believe it's happening," Bunch said.
The Indiana Court of Appeals last week ordered the local court to allow Bunch's release on bond while she awaits her second trial. The appeals court ordered a new trial in March, finding that the evidence used to convict her was outdated, weak and wrongly withheld from the defense.
Bunch's attorney, Ron Safer, said prosecutors "did exactly the right thing" by asking for a low bond, but he was disappointed they still planned another trial in light of scientific advances that he said suggest there was no real evidence of arson.
Prosecutors have had little to say except that they are seeking a gag order to restrict attorneys' public comments on the case. A hearing on their request is scheduled for Aug. 30, and Bunch was ordered to attend.
In the meantime, Bunch said she will live with her 58-year-old mother, Susan Hubbard, and her 16-year-old son, Trenton, in nearby Columbus, Ind. The family was taking Bunch out Wednesday night for her first meal besides prison food in years, at a seafood restaurant in Columbus.
Bunch said she looked forward to doing the everyday things that most people take for granted, like shopping, eating out, and using the Internet, which she has never seen.
"I can learn how to Facebook," she said. "All my friends tell me they're on Facebook."
But of all the technological changes since she was last out of prison, Bunch said cellphones, which have evolved from unwieldy boxes with thick antennas to sleek little machines, impress her the most.
"I'm amazed by the cellphones," she said.
Television and frequent visits by her mother and son kept her aware of changes in the outside world. "He introduced me to Harry Potter," Bunch said of her son. Now, she hopes to be able to teach the teen how to drive.
Bunch was sentenced to 60 years in prison in 1996 after a Decatur County jury convicted her of murder and arson. The same judge who sentenced her denied a 2006 petition for post-conviction relief based on new evidence.
Prosecutors said Bunch poured kerosene in the bedroom of her son, Tony, and the living room of their mobile home and lit it on fire. No clear motive was ever established, but they said Bunch had asked a friend to take custody of the boy about a year before the fire so she could "get away from it all" and that she had made inconsistent statements about the blaze.
The Center on Wrongful Convictions said investigators at the time misinterpreted burn patterns as indicating an accelerant and that there was no evidence of arson. They also argued that advances in toxicology showed the child would have died from fire, not smoke inhalation, had the blaze been set in his room.
"It was horrible, but I knew if I held on to my faith that justice would prevail. The truth usually has a way of coming out," Hubbard, Bunch's mother, said.
Bunch said a prison ministry helped her maintain her faith while she was in prison. "I knew it was going to work out in the end," she said.
While locked up, Bunch earned her GED and a college degree. She said she plans to go to law school if acquitted. She wants to work in criminal law, representing inmates who have been wrongfully convicted.
"There's still a lot of work to be done. There's still a lot of people in my situation," Bunch said.

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The Reel Breakdown

Adams on Reel Women — Distressing Damsels: The Summer of Women Kicking Ass

Photo by Marvel/Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures
We've come a very long way from Fay Wray being overpowered by King Kong and hanging limply (swoon! sigh!) from his giant hairy paw. If it were the summer of 2012, Wray would never have found herself dangling over the Manhattan skyline; she would have impaled that big bad ape on the Empire State Building. Female characters from "The Avengers" to "Brave" to "Total Recall" still manage to look good when lashing out, but the theme is no longer "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." It's "Don't hate me because I'm going to level the playing field and kick your ass."
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in "The Avengers"
This is where the summer started: The opening interrogation scene of "The Avengers." Villains have tied Johansson's Black Widow to a chair in an empty warehouse. She's wearing black lingerie, her red hair tousled with a just-got-out-of-bed wave. There's a whiff of S&M as the question seems to be "Will the bound woman submit to the insistent questioners?" But, no, she's the one doing the interrogating, though her captors didn't realize, and when she gets a call to stop playing around, she uses the chair as a weapon and levels three grown men. It turns out that all along, she was only playing the victim -- and now the real action starts as the spider plays with her prey.
'The Avengers' Clip: 'Interrogation''The Avengers' Clip: 'Interrogation'

Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in "Prometheus"
It's a common trope that sooner or later the hero has to fight injured -- think Bruce Willis walking barefoot across broken glass in "Die Hard," or Christian Bale's already-crippled Batman surviving a broken back and crawling out of his prison pit to put down Tom Hardy's brawny Bain. I can't think of any of those famed heroes who could have given themselves a C-section like the petite Dr. Shaw (Rapace, who played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") to remove an unwanted alien infant. And then Dr. Shaw got up off the operating pod, bandaged herself, fought a host of duplicitous humans and ancient intelligent beings, and rescued a decapitated android with a mind of his own. I hurt just watching Dr. Shaw every time she had to use her abdominal muscles. Now that's a new-age heroine!
Kelly Macdonald as Princess Merida in "Brave"
The first Pixar animated heroine to have her own movie, Macdonald's Scottish princess shoots arrows, rides horses, and messes up the balance of power with dire consequences that only she can unravel. Sure, this spunky ginger with overactive tresses rides forth to undo a curse that she set in motion, her bow strapped to her back and her corset unlaced. Marriage, a prince, and happily ever after -- that's for sissies. She's a chip off that old "Toy Story 2" favorite, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, without pesky Woody and Buzz Lightyear to hog the plot.
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises"
Consider this: Hathaway's Catwoman exploiting the chivalry of Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman to get physically close. You wouldn't hurt a woman would you? Then she kicks out the good man's cane. This cat burglar has no scruples. And then she backflips out the window, carrying Wayne's late mother's pearls. What a character introduction! She embodies her comic book feline with the grace of Cary Grant's romantic robber in Alfred Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief." This cat has claws because despite her good looks and cool surface, she has the soul of a wounded animal. In a hard-luck life -- she's no millionaire philanthropist, thank you very much, Bruce Wayne -- a kitty has to feed herself first and purr later.
Kate Beckinsale as Lori in "Total Recall"
Ever since porcelain-skinned beauty Beckinsale put on a catsuit for "Underworld" in 2003 -- and ended up leaping romantically from co-star Michael Sheen to director Len Wiseman — the Oxford University dropout has been assembling an action career one Lycan, one vampire, one werewolf at a time. Playing Selene hasn't been prestigious, but it's a lucrative franchise. Now with hubby Wiseman directing "Total Recall," Beckinsale was primed to play the good wife/bad cop Lori opposite Colin Ferrell's memory-challenged renegade Quaid. Lori redefines domestic violence when she goes hand-to-hand with Quaid in their dingy apartment, unafraid to use her muscular thighs to pin him beneath her and give him a very unromantic python squeeze. And like every good bad guy, Lori seems to have superior strength and focus to the duped hero, but the relentless villainess just can't seem to make that kill shot no matter how many times she tries and how big the target. But how she tries!
And there's more! Shout-outs go to Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsman," Salma Hayek in "Savages," and Jessica Biel in "Total Recall."
Take This, Sucka!
So, is it change when women become more like their male counterparts, taking arms (and toned legs) against their rivals? At the very least, it can be said that it's empowering for film females to carry the action, rather than just sitting in the ape's giant paw, swooning and hoping for rescue like Fay Wray.

15 Biggest Beauty Turnoffs from Real Guys

By | Beauty on Shine – Fri, Aug 17, 2012 3:59 PM EDT
Woman applying makeupIf you are looking to attract a man with your fluffy false lashes and your flowing fake mane, it is time to take a different approach. We scouted the truth and discovered the things women do that make men turn the other way. All in all, men love to see the woman underneath the makeup, so ditch the dramatic routine and go natural for once. "It gets on my nerves when women take too much time on makeup. You would think after a lifetime they would have the process down to less than 45 minutes!" -Christopher
"If she has to be at work at 6am and uses the hair dryer, it wakes me up. Then, just when I get back to sleep. She is wearing her heels in the bathroom and the kitchen. Click. Click. Can't you wear slippers?" -Pablo

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"I'm picky about oral hygiene - brushing, flossing, mouthwash. She has to brush her teeth before bed and in the morning before we kiss. That extra care once we reach a certain level of intimacy is important." -Rod
"I can't stand when she has wet hair after the shower and lays on my pillow, I usually roll over on the wet spot." -Jeff

"My wife doesn't dye her hair often enough. I don't like to see those dark roots." -Anonymous
"Certain scents turn me off. I don't like anything cucumber or vanilla. I've told my girlfriend that I like her natural smell better." -Josh

"I wish my girlfriend would get a manicure more often instead of doing it herself. She is pretty low-maintenance." -Shaun
"I don't like extensions because when you put your hands in her hair you can feel all the lumps. It might be good to look at but not to touch." -Robert

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"My wife spends 20 minutes after the shower putting on body lotion. Apparently it has to be applied evenly. For me, it is just a time suck." -R.D.S.
"Those thick eyelashes that women put on are annoying. It makes a woman stick out and people know that they aren't real. I like a woman who looks nice and natural. Regular people don't need all those eyelashes." -Lindsay

"Excessive tattoos. I think inappropriately placed tattoos are a turnoff. No matter how pretty she is. Plus, they are addictive. You get one, you have to have another." -Anonymous
"I hate hair all over the sink and floor. I wish women would be mindful of how their beauty products and hair can clog up a common space, especially the bathroom." -Stevie

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"They don't put caps back on things or they put it on but they don't screw it on so when I go get something it spills." -Connor
"I hate it when women wear any type of fragrance - I like showers." -Bryan
"My wife uses scrubs and bath salts in the tub, and the grains never go down the drain. All that oil makes the bath so slippery." -Darrell
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Gabby Douglas gets a makeover, fueling more ridiculous debate about her hair

Gabby Douglas during the Olympics (left) and post-makeover (right) (Getty Images)
Whether it was badminton teams losing matches on purpose, dubious refereeing in the fencing competition or North Korean soccer players taking the field under the wrong flag, the London Games featured plenty of controversy.
None of it is more frivolous or absurd, however, than the flap about how U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas wears her hair.
Critics first complained that Douglas' ponytail looked unkempt when the 16-year-old was winning gold in both the women's team and all-around competitions. Now she's receiving backlash for bowing to public pressure and receiving a makeover from a celebrity stylist upon returning home from London.
Before she began a week-long publicity blitz that included appearances on the Tonight Show, The Late Show and America's Got Talent, Douglas hired New York-based stylist Ted Gibson to do her hair. Gibson, who works with Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway and also appears on the reality series What Not To Wear, gave Douglas a new look with a middle part and waves that fall just below her shoulders.
That Douglas has received criticism for getting a highly publicized makeover this week is almost as laughable as the response to her hairstyle during competition.
What elite athlete would be more concerned with her hair than her performance during the Olympics? And what 16-year-old girl wouldn't want to look her best before a week's worth of appearances on reality TV and the late-night talk show circuit? 
Douglas had it exactly right last week when she brushed off her critics by telling reporters she was more focused on winning Olympic gold than looking perfect during every routine. And she'll have it exactly right again this week if she explains she got a haircut to look her best on camera.
This is a 16-year-old girl who has handled Olympic pressure and media scrutiny with poise and grace so far. How about we stop paying so much attention to her hair and start giving her more credit for that?

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A lesson in Karate kid

Wield Your Power!

Wield your power image
Wielding Power
Movies have different effects on you, depending on the content of the movie and your reason for watching. Some movies teach you lessons you can hold on to, for a very long time.
I saw this old movie, “Coach Carter”, over the weekend and thought it was worth mentioning. And what I particularly saw as significant in the movie is reiterated in “Karate Kid” and “Facing the Giant”. That is, building muscle in your area or field of interest and career.
I’ve come to understand the fact that, you don’t learn the art of a career and become excellent at it, if your roots are not well developed and built up. You need to deal with the foundational stages and build your muscle to the extent where you can wield your power in your chosen career.
Dre Parker in “Karate Kid” had his first lessons building his muscles, the process of removing and putting on his jacket seemed torturous at first, but the fruit of the process was later harvested. The same theory is seen in “Coach Carter” and “Facing the Giants” with the number of pushups, stone walls, and athletic exercises they had to go through.
This same theory should be applied in our lives. Every excellent writer has read a lot of books. Every excellent singer has listened to and sang a lot of songs. Every excellent athlete has exercised, practiced and ran a lot. Every excellent business man has been involved in business and learnt a lot. Everyone that has excelled in a chosen career has built him/herself up in that line.
To wield means “to have and exercise something”, “to be able to hold and use a tool”. You need muscle and prowess to be able to effectively and efficiently use a tool or ability.
You want to become the hammer-wielding god, Thor? You have to first learn how to lift, use and be effective with the hammer.
Okay, so what you do right now is boring, incapacitating and outside the field you are interested in. Or you don’t have the job you want, yet:
  • Learn and give what you can at the place you are now. You will need the knowledge to incorporate in your career.
  • Look for points of interest and fun where you are now, it will help you look at things differently and see important things you can use in your career.
  • Walk with people that have interest in and are building up career in that field and similar fields.
  • Embrace social media. Follow respected people in that industry. Like pages that talk about things associated with that field. Follow up online conversations.
  • Take courses that build you up in your career and field of interest.
You’ve got to first have the power and the muscle, before wielding it. Remember that.

What's the secret?

Is there some kind of secret that can help you get what you want in life?
Is there some kind of a secret formula that can enable you to realize your dreams if you followed it?
The short answer is: Yes there is a secret that almost guarantees that you will get what you want in life if you applied it.
So if things are that clear then why don't most people get what they want in life?
Simply because those people either don't know about that secret or they either hate to make the required effort.

The Secret to getting what you want in life

In 2006 i started that site hoping to make money online but lots of unexpected events happened. These events didn't just slow me down but they were about to force me to give up on my dream.
Here is what happened to me starting from 2006:
- My First Google Adsense application was rejected
- The two people who used to work with me gave up on the idea and left me stuck alone
- Wikipedia Banned my site and this resulted in a big traffic decrease overnight
- All my Friends used to make fun of the idea of making money online
- All the people who barely knew me said that i am a loser
- Google applied a penalty on my website's ranking
- I lost 80% of my life time savings in the stock market (this was the worst setback)
- Our hosting provider, at that time, had a hard disk failure and we lost some of the site's data
- I had to work for 14 hours a day to be able to both run the site and keep my day job
- The site had a technical problem that couldn't be resolved and i was about to shut it down
- For one complete year the site didn't make except few dollars per month and i was about to give up
- My family kept warning me that i will lose my career
- I was forced to resign from my day job because of the hours i spent on the site
- Another technical problem happened and the website was about to be de-indexed from Google
- I deleted my newsletter subscribers by mistake (yes all of them)
- I started two businesses but had to quit them for different reasons
- i Started 8 different websites, 7 failed completely.

How it felt like

I will excuse you if you believed that those moments weren't that hard. After all you read about these events in a minute but let me tell you that each one of them was like hell to me.
Imagine living under the threat of losing your dreams. Imagine watching your dreams falling apart and tearing down to pieces each day.
In some of those days i had to take antidepressants to get out of bed.
In other days i had to take relaxing pills in order to be able to sleep.
and In some other days i couldn't even sleep.

What happened in the end

As of august 2010 i became a dot com millionaire after i sold 1,000,000 worth of products and services on (see my book How i did it)
Yes, i have been through all of these troubles but i managed to rise again and make my dream come true.
Do you know what's the secret to getting what you want in life?
Its deciding that you will fight to the end until you make your dreams come true.
Its Not giving up no matter what.
And its trying and trying until you get what you want.
Below is my status update on Facebook in August 2010, Full stop.
I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.
In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

Staples Coupons

3 lessons about success from the founder of twitter

Written by M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

An impressive success story

People usually see the end result then assume that successful people made it overnight.
When people hear about Twitter today most of them think that its founder created it then succeeded overnight but that wasn't the case.
Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of twitter, have been through tough times and have struggled for years before he managed to make his new website popular. Read this article to know what it takes to be a successful person.

The success story of twitter

Dorsey was passionate about computers and the way people communicated with each other since he was very young. Because he was obsessed with programming he got a job at one of the largest dispatching companies at that time.(see Why passion leads to success)
Dorsey learned the importance of short messages in dispatching services while working at that company. Dorsey then left his job and decided to start a company that dispatches taxis through a website. After the dot come bubble the company failed and Dorsey had to find another job.
Dorsey found a new job at a pod-casting company but he didn't like the job that much. During that time he became more obsessed with short messages and he used to write his status updates on a blog that he created.
Dorsey then thought about creating a website that allows people to post their own status update and so Twitter was born!

3 lessons about success from the founder of twitter

So what are the lessons you should learn from this story?
  • 1) Learning is a step by step process: Each year Dorsey learned a new thing about short messages. He didn't just buy a book about the importance of short messages then became a millionaire but kept adding to his knowledge with each job he worked at until one day he had the full picture of his dream project in mind
  • 2) People who don't fail never succeed: Dorsey understood this fact at an early age and that's why he didn't bother much whenever he failed. Many people give up after their first start up fails or after they waste some time without finding their passion.If you are afraid to fail then you will never succeed.
  • 3) Passion is the fuel: Do you know why some people keep moving even though they aren't succeeding? its because they have passion about what they do. Don't ever make the mistake of starting a business just because someone or some people succeeded at it. If you want real success then you must not force a hobby onto yourself but instead you need to find out the hobby you are passionate about the most. (see also The secret to getting what you want in life)

The common thing between all successful people

If you read one hundred different success stories you will always find that successful people are the ones who kept trying to the end even though they were failing.
In other words, persistence is the ultimate key to success. Don't look at a successful person then assume that he made it overnight but instead try to find out what he have been through before he became successful.
I achieved a great success online but before that i struggled for years with different failed businesses.
I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.
In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.
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Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Raises Concerns of Explosions and Radiation

A nearly 400-foot deep sinkhole in Louisiana has swallowed all of the trees in its area and enacted a mandatory evacuation order for about 150 residences for fear of potential radiation and explosions.
The 400-square-foot gaping hole is in Assumption Parish, La., about 50 miles south of Baton Rouge.
The sinkhole sits in the middle of a heavily wooded space where it has consumed all of the soaring cypress trees that had been there. Flyover photos show some of the treetops still visible through the mud.
Authorities enacted a mandatory evacuation for between 100 and150 homes in the area, but most people have chosen to stay, according to the Mayor's Office of Emergency Preparedness. If any of the dangers seem to become more imminent, the order will be escalated to a forced evacuation.
While officials are not certain what caused the massive sinkhole, they believe it may be have ben caused by a nearby salt cavern owned by the Texas Brine Company.
After being used for nearly 30 years, the cavern was plugged in 2011 and officials believe the integrity of the cavern may have somehow been compromised, leading to the sinkhole.
On Thursday, Louisiana's Department of Natural Resources required that Texas Brine drill a well to investigate the salt cavern as soon as possible, obtain samples from the cavern and provide daily reports on their findings. It could take up to 10 days to set up the drilling process, even with an expedited process.
"We have to arrange for the driller. We have to pick a location. We have to be very careful to not be in a point that's too close to the sinkhole because of the weight of the rig," Texas Brine Company spokesman Sonny Cranch told today. "We don't want to aggravate the situation."
The sinkhole is on the outside edge of the salt dome where this particular brine well is located.
"There are some indications that it very well may have been connected, but there's just indications," Cranch said. "There's nothing concrete that has connected the sinkhole to the cavern."
There was bubbling in the water and the sinkhole is near areas where there has been exploration for oil and gas in the past, which would make the presence of low levels of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) possible.
The state's Department of Environmental Quality said water samples from the sinkhole showed oil and diesel on its surface, but initial readings did not detect radiation.
In the days after the sinkhole opened up on Aug. 3, nearby Highway 70 was closed down because officials discovered that the sinkhole caused a 36-inch natural gas pipeline to bend and feared the possibility of an explosion, according to ABC News' Baton Rouge affiliate WBRZ.
"That's why the mandatory evacuation is going to stay on, because there is a risk for explosion," John Boudreaux of from Assumption Parish Emergency Preparedness said at a meeting with residents on Tuesday, WBRZ reported.
"We are determined to do everything we can to find the answer," president of Texas Brine Mark Cartwright told the residents.
Some community members were visibly frustrated with the situation and lack of answers.
"You can give us a straight answer because that's all we want," one woman said at the meeting. "We want to know when we can come home and be safe. Because you all go home after a days work. You're safe, but we're not."
Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a declaration of emergency allowing the Governor's Office of Homeland Security to assist in the efforts if necessary.
"This is extremely serious and it's been going on for too long to still be at this point," Kim Torres, spokeswoman for the Office of Emergency Preparedness, told today. "The people are very aware of how serious this is."
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KINSHASA, Congo (AP) -- A U.N.-run radio station in Congo says four members from the country's Olympic delegation have gone missing in London.
The station reported Monday that judo athlete Cedric Mandembo disappeared after the closing ceremony, and has not been reachable on his mobile phone. He lost his match after 49 seconds.
Authorities tell the radio station that the Congolese athlete left the Olympic village with his baggage without saying where he was going.
The others who have gone missing are two officials with the boxing and judo teams, and a national athletic official.
Already at least seven Cameroonian athletes have failed to return home after the games.
Congo has suffered decades of dictatorship and war and remains mired in poverty despite its mineral riches.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Does hair slow runners down

Does Sanya Richards-Ross’ long hair slow her down?

By Chris Chase | Fourth-Place Medal – Thu, Aug 9, 2012 10:59 AM EDT
(AP)It's impossible not to notice while watching Sanya Richards-Ross run. The gold medalist in the 400 has a lot of hair. A LOT. So does 110-meter hurdling silver medalist Jason Richardson and countless other track competitors in London.
Does it slow them down when they're running around the track?
Slate asked this question earlier in the week and came to the conclusion that the hair shouldn't have an effect:
Still, even the most unruly hair is unlikely to make a major difference. Imagine that you are a 400-meter sprinter who uses 10 percent of your total energy battling air resistance. Imagine, too, that you increased your total surface area by 10 percent (a generous assumption) by letting your hair fly free. Drag and surface area are directly proportional—you can check out the equation—so you would be increasing the force of air resistance by 10 percent by untying your ponytail. [...] You would need to exert 1 percent—10 percent of 10 percent—more effort with your hair down than with your hair up.
I read that completely differently. It's not, "eh, the hair isn't a big deal -- she only has to exert 1 percent more." To the contrary; it's "the hair makes her work 1 percent harder!!!" That's a HUGE deal in races that can be decided by hundredths of a second. If effort were time, 1 percent is equivalent to a half-second in a race won in 49.55. If Richards went 1 percent slower in her race, she'd have finished in fifth place.
Nike boasts about how its track uniforms can cut times by 0.023 seconds and spends millions to develop lighter, springier shoes that makes it runners go faster. Swimmers wear two caps so their goggle straps don't cause resistance on the water. Every little bit counts in races like this.
So to answer the question: The hair of Richards-Ross slows her down a little. She won the gold in the 400m by 0.15 seconds, but it may have been by a wee bit more. She did miss out of fourth place by .01 seconds in the 200m, and the hair very well could have been the difference there. She's lucky it wasn't for a medal.

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