Sunday, November 1, 2009

Arrival of the King....and my missing rib.

I look to the hills
In the distance i hear the drum beats
Mayhaps it signals the arrival of a king
Which king? I wonder...
A voice thunders ar me
I fall to my knees
My eyes still on the hills
Waiting for whatever comes
Even if it eventually kills me

Someone slides to her knees
Directly beside me
Her eyes too are fixed
On the hills
I can practically hear and see
The Prayer
On her full pink lips

Together we face what will carve our niche
Shape our destiny
Even as we listen to the heavy drum beats
Her features are unclear and unfocused to me
The meaning does little to escape me
Of everyone i have met thus far
None fits the bill
Hers is a face my future self longs to see
Because she alone will stand by the past which is