Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A letter to Tunrayo

This is a letter to you
There is little difference to that i have already told you
And this is that i love you
Whether this is good or not
I sincerely do not know
Why i feel this way
Is what i have pondered tossing and turning
Till the dark of night turned to a pale shade of gray
In the early morning of a day i'd like to call DOOMSDAY!
You are a blessing in more ways
Than a plant could tell the sun
You make my life more colorful
With just a single ray
But HEY!
I stray
If this is wrong
I pray God in heaven
Will grant me a sweet pardon
Because now there are no words to tell
You just how much i want
What some say is impossible
Because i am on a flight i do not belong
You are the world
My world...these words
Are useless when compared to the song
Playing loudly in the throng
Of emotions
In the deepest part of me
Once i was blind
But now i see
The way the emptiness can be filled
You are a queen
Lucky me....
At least if for nothing else...
I had the opportunity to tell you this

Words of my spirit

The words are coming in a rush
My fingers struggle to keep up
My heart tells me i am in love
My head tells me
Don't rush
You know what happened the last time
You thought you were reborn
This scenario could by far be worse
Are you prepared to face what might soon come?
You know what you want
Your body grows warm
When you hear her voice
But the risk
Is it really of any worth?
Can you bear the hurt?
Can you beat your chest and say you know what gals really want?
Your sword is your words
The talent you must trade in
While you are on the earth
Chase the dream while its hot
Who cares whether you are lonely or not
God is up there
He watches from above
You've come this far under his guidance
The night is always darkest before dawn
For all intents and purposes
You are still young
Play ur harp and sing your song
If they like, let them all be gone
At least you have your words
And a loud shout of SHALOM


Desert sands, hinterland
Wooded country and eerier voices
telling ghost stories
Hate music
The cries are no longer distant
Forced laughter
As we race to finish
Make our lives
Have some semblance of meaning
I pray i am forgiven
For the dark words i am speaking
This apology is for whoever might be reading
God where is thy healing
Your son is weeping
Inside his spirit
There is a wailing
The tides of depression are rising
I think the sky is falling
The masses are screaming
The leaders sit in their blood red thrones
Giving us lame excuses
for why they are winning
And we others are losing
The skies are darkening
Vultures are gathering
I stand amongst a sea of humanity
Watching and waiting
Daring to believe
That maybe
Our absolution is coming...Lord we are waiting

Up in the air

You are up there somewhere
Looking down at me
Sometimes i wonder
through those celestial thoughts of yours
I wonder
What do you see?
Are you proud of me?
Thoughts like this make it hard for me to breathe

You know what i feel
So you also know
How ashamed i am when i sin
How horrible it is sometimes to be me
You know all this so why am i tripping?
I am aware of what you expect of me
This singular knowledge
Makes it even more difficult for me
To bear this delay
The cruel hands of fate have chosen
To hoist upon me
You are up there somewhere
Privy to all that lies before me
You promised that any burden you allow
To come upon me will not be one
That will be greater than what i am able to bear
You are up there
I know you care
That is why i am here
Asking for your help
Because this fight is one i cannot fight for myself

Up in the air

Monday, November 22, 2010


You are the only one...
She told me
I will never leave you
Were the words
You made me believe
Like the fool I was
I grinned
Believing in a dream
Till the rain came down
And washed away those dreams
Like water flushed down a latrine
Now another is before me
Telling me
I am the next best thing
Herein lies another paradox
A miasmic dream if you will
Showing me pictures of what seems so real
I touch it with my fingertips
Her eyes gleam at me
Her lips...
Hell! I cannot think
Even when I sleep
She visits me in dreams
My heart swells with each beat
And I want to tell her everything
Describe the essence of what defines me
Then the fears I thought were buried...Rise
Out of the stillness around me
I am here for you
She screams at me...Then I reach over and touch her lips
Before I kissed them
and then I am free


You said things, did things
I said things, I did things
We made mountains out of mole hills
Fought, screamed, yelled ...
Spewing our venom to the four winds
then you told me
you regret the day you met me
And in my angriest moments,
I have to admit, it did sting
Then I begged you to leave me
And for the first time in my life
I felt peace
because it meant I could start from the beginning
I hated
and i loved those dreams
Even if some turned to nightmares around me
You are gone now
And freedom is kin to me
Now I move to the next best thing

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How will they remember u?

They are chattering like magpies all around me

Saying things of no consequence

I am consumed by my thirst for better things

The fulfilment of my dreams

My hunger to be fulfilled

And they stand there

Saying things..

Doing things...

That make little sense to me

No one really sees right through me

If they did

They would know

I am bored by their entire existence

Beauties surround us

Surround me

Emptier vessels i am yet to see

Blissfully ignorant

Thinking their supple bodies

Is all they need to interest me

The place of the mind

Is of no consequence

Depth, value and tenacity

are gone with the wind


What a novelty

A thought for the naive

And the simpletons

How many even know what it really means?

I dare not speak of other words

Like trust, love, loyalty

All these are now lodged in the vaults

Of long forgotten memories

No one is who they claim to be anymore

All that surrounds us is mere folklore

Tales that no one really knows

What is true

And what is false

This decay has even encrouched into the four walls of the church

Love is not just

Between two people

Altar bound

Atempting to live a life of happily ever after

Which in most cases ends in absymal failure

It is for us all

To show the person standing next to you

That i understand what you are going through

Not everything is use, use or what can i get from you

Or what are you bringing to the table?

How do you want the world to remember you?

A man or woman of insight and impact?

Giving others hope that a tomorrow better than all others ia available

Or do you want to be seen as a taker?

Consumed by your gluttonous greed

Who passed through life and died an already forgotten memory?

Seek for how to add and you will see

How beautiful life can be

Selah this is how i see it

Now you can sue me....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bug eyez

Bug eyes
I see your bug eyes
I see your enchanting smile
Twin ingredients that might just be worth my while
With you there is no time
Distance is an illusion
That turns into something sweet and so sublime
If I was a girl I would cry
When I bask in the beauty of
The fathomless depths of your eyes

I remember your bug eyes
Your warm palm so sweet and so right
Sweet perfection so satisfying that I sigh
In heaven I can hear the angels cry
As we said goodbye
Even as haunting memories of your palm on my chest
Made my heart race through the shadowy corridors of time

I remember your eyes
Feel the warmth of your smile
Adding color to my life
With you there is no time
Eternity is but a second in the beauty of your bug eyes
No more tears, no more cries
Life has just become worthwhile.