Thursday, January 28, 2010


I remember your eyes
I remember your smile
The feeling of warmth that engulfed me
When I looked deep into the ocean of hazels and whites
that made up the universe of your eyes
You gave me a glimpse of what you were beneath
Twin mirrors into the soul lurking underneath
And I revelled in the sheer wonder of it
I was drawn into your world and consciousness
buried so deep
that instead of twin heartbeats,
I had only one
Because you and I were no longer two seperate entities
You were my HEARTBEAT
The reason I EXIST...
EXISTED...It makes no sense
I only tell you that which I see
That which I saw
Every cleft, every curve, every spot
cleaved to my memory
Even your scent stays with me
Now those memories are all I have of you and me
Sad isn't it?

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