Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter to a boo

I can't count how many times
i looked in your eyes
Dunno how many i saw you smile
How many times you held my hand
Squeezing tightly as we crossed endless seas
And timeless lands

Your eyes spoke volumes......Telling me
Things your mouth would never say
Those hazel eyes begged me to stay
And i couldn't because my heart was drawn the other way
Drawn to someone who is so selfish
All she cared about was keeping me as a spare and extra plate
While she whiles the time away with other men
As i went steadily insane
But inspite of my disinterest you stayed
Loved and cared for me even in all my pain
gave me your shoulder to lean on and cry on
When the rains came

I thank God that because of you my sun shines again
I realize the errors of my stupid
And somewhat sinful ways
Can't fathom why you still want to be with me
But am glad you were patient and didn't give up on me
You were the one always destined
To be with me
I was blind for a while but now i see
I close my eyes, happy and fulfilled
As your kiss puts me into a sound and peaceful sleep
I love you my sweet

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