Thursday, December 29, 2011

What its about

It is not about the money

It's about peace

About a vision

It's about a cry within my system

it's about believing

knowing this is what God in heaven

Put in you that cries for fulfillment

It's not about the race

I am running

It's not even about the clock that is ticking

It's about life to me

having some sort of meaning

It's about believing

Believing in something

Some say has no rhyme or reason

It's about seeing

Seeing beyond what the eyes can see

It's about soothing the ache

in your troubled spirit

It's about being what the spirit

Keeps calling me to be

It's about being free

Soaring like a bird

Flying like a Pegasus

Over the land of greece

It's about being me___ being all i can be

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