Friday, March 15, 2013

Bieber back to work after rant

Justin Bieber Gets Back to Work Following ‘Rehab’ Rant

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Justin Bieber was all smiles outside his hotel in Madrid on March 14. (Splash News)After getting some things off his chest in his now infamous "rehab rant," Justin Bieber performed – apparently without incident – in Madrid on Thursday night.
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The 19-year-old drama magnet spent the hours leading up to the show with family – including his father, Jeremy Bieber, half-brother, Jaxon, and mother Pattie Mallette, who flew in to join him after the disastrous London leg of his tour. He also made a point to connect with fans outside his hotel.

"This is what it's all about !!! L.O.V.3.," the 19-year-old tweeted, posting of a photo of himself with a young Belieber.
When his show was over late Thursday – and no major drama occurred – the “Beauty and a Beat” singer was feeling good.
"MADRID!! Gracias! Thank u!! great show! now on to Barcelona! #BelieveTour," he tweeted.
Bieber's father, Jeremy, and mother, Pattie were with him in Madrid (SplashNews)
By Friday morning, he was already in Barcelona, where his next show is scheduled to take place on Saturday. He posted a photo of himself rocking some mile-high hair, followed by a second snapshot of the gorgeous and colorful view from his hotel.
Bieber posted this hair-raising photo on Friday... (Instagram) ...followed by this show of his Barcelona view. (Instagram)
And while his dad headed back to Canada, Bieber was accompanied by Mallette, who was enjoying the scenery.
"Barcelona is so beautiful! I always love coming here," she tweeted.
The whole tone of Team Bieber was a shift from a day earlier when J.B. posted a lengthy rant about the negative press he’s been getting lately. In between blasting reports that he needs to go to rehab – and tooting his own horn about his musical success ("I'm 19 with 5 number one albums") – he also took a jab at Lindsay Lohan, poking fun at her disastrous tax situation.
While he later removed the Lohan mention and reposted his rant (he also apologized to Lohan), the damage was already done as far as LiLo was concerned. According to a report on TMZ, Lohan was "appalled" to be included in Bieber's missive. A source said she called the comments "senseless and mean" and she hopes "karma" comes back to get him for dragging her name into his drama.
As for Bieber, he will take the stage Saturday in Barcelona, then head off to Paris for a show on March 19. We're sure he'll make many headlines in between.
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