Friday, December 6, 2013

New book and Mandela

Hi pips!
            Been offline for a bit and am real sorry about that. Things have been rather hectic here. There is a lot going on that is sorta keeping me occupied. The least being the release of my new sci fi novel titled Amnesiacs.
It is a futuristic epic that is bigger and better than anything i have ever written. Its sure to soothe the aching palette of those who are longing for good quality fiction and fantasy. I will be posting the first few chapters on this blog soon. So keep your eyes peeled for some good reading. If you like what you read, holla and i will fast track the release of the book pronto.
That being said, i felt very sad when i heard about the death of Madiba or Nelson Mandela. He was a great man and an icon (in my opinion) who was in the class of Martin Luther king, John F Kennedy and even Micheal Jackson.
Told a friend of mine today that if just ten percent of the people in my country (Nigeria) could be as selfless and giving as Madiba was our great country would rise out of the ashes and muck of obscurity and take our rightful place in the world. Nelson Mandela is one of the reasons South Africa is what it is today and he will be sorely missed by them and the world at large.
Rest in peace Madiba. I miss you, we miss you....... and we will one day join you in the light. Selah

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