Tuesday, September 8, 2009


She sleeps.... I watch each breath as she takes it....Slowly, the sight sensual. Her pouty lips slightly parted in sleep. I feel a heat run through my body in a place
I should have no feeling
I should feel something,anything but this
I fight it down because it will spoil this tender moment
Almost ethereal in its bliss
She turns,yawns...
I wait...My breath bated
With a sigh,once more she sleeps
I sigh with relief
But with something akin to disappointment
As a part of me wished she had awoken to see
The love shinning out of the depths of me
As i looked upon her perfect beauty
Her lips soft and pliant almost begging to be kissed
Slowly i lick my lips
Her eyes flutter almost as if she senses it
With another exquisite sigh her eyes flutter open and i look into her hazel eyes
Then she smiles
This is my undoing and i reach down to take what's mine..

My eyes open...From darkness to light
And i realize what will complete me is not yet by my side

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