Thursday, September 24, 2009


In your eyes I saw fulfilment
I saw completion...
And in that same vein
I saw aloneness...
I tasted hurting
And this hurt showed me ...
Took me places
That Hell on Earth would be preferable to the darkness u showed me
With one word or was it two u almost destroyed me
Then u rebuilt me
Light and Darkness u brought to me

There are days i look into a hall of mirrors
And i ask one and the same question
As if i search for the ultimate lesson
To one of life's most bitter questions
Mirror Mirror...On the wall
Tell me will this love be rekindled and reborn
The Answer that comes takes me to a place am not sure I belong
Singing my age old song

I remember her words
I remember your words
I will be with you till the end comes
But promises as they were are so easily broken
I make a call
Cos i long for your voice...
It connects and I hear no voice
What I hear ......
Drives a shiver up my spine
Draws my heartbeat out of line
I am dipped into a recline
I listen for two long minutes
From start to finish
I hear heavy breathing
Sighs of passion....
A wretched unforgiving
And this is the love I have been living
But why speak of it....
She will only deny it
I chose to forget it.....
Mirror mirror
It seems the quest has just begun

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