Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Country Nigeria

My Country Nigeria
The quintessential Canaan
A land filled with milk and honey
Rich in resources
Overflowing with excess and plenty
Instead of joy
All I see are the cries of many
Sickness and disease
Strife and suffering
Are just a few of the many ills my people are suffering
I could go on and on
But the question I ask myself is this
What is the point?
I need not tell you
What we are all suffering……
You know it all….you live in my world
This patch of earth we are privileged to call home
Where is the pride of our nation?
Is it in the throng of youths milling through the busy city streets with naught to do or eat?
Is it watching our leaders feed fat on our income?
While the masses struggle underneath the heavy burden
Of hunger and degradation
Admitting defeat
When did this shinning star sink as low as this?
We are a nation filled with hardworking and creative people
Able to excel and do great feats if given the opportunity
It saddens me when I turn on my tv
And the horrors of what I see drives a deep ache inside my spirit
You can rightly believe these are the end times
Spoken about in the books of prophesy
A book every living being should read
Alas few bother to read
And the result is the evil that encompasses us
Robbing many of their livelihood and their peace
Their lives torn from the home of the living
To the miasmic void of the hereafter
How sad is this?
The news speak of acts of terror and bombblasts
And our nation reigns supreme
They speak of drugs and doping
The spirit of sportsmanship
And when disgrace comes who will they call
The naija boys
Shameless toys
Dragging our already tarnished image in the mud
While some naïve simpletons
Dare I say humorous ones
Speak of rebranding this mess of a nation
But I have hope that tomorrow
Could be a glorious sight to behold
If we stand strong
Fellowship with love
And look unto God
Whose love pours from above
To place our feet where they belong
He alone can undo the damage that has been done
He alone can make Nigerians good people great nation
Who will reign on this earth

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