Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bug eyez

Bug eyes
I see your bug eyes
I see your enchanting smile
Twin ingredients that might just be worth my while
With you there is no time
Distance is an illusion
That turns into something sweet and so sublime
If I was a girl I would cry
When I bask in the beauty of
The fathomless depths of your eyes

I remember your bug eyes
Your warm palm so sweet and so right
Sweet perfection so satisfying that I sigh
In heaven I can hear the angels cry
As we said goodbye
Even as haunting memories of your palm on my chest
Made my heart race through the shadowy corridors of time

I remember your eyes
Feel the warmth of your smile
Adding color to my life
With you there is no time
Eternity is but a second in the beauty of your bug eyes
No more tears, no more cries
Life has just become worthwhile.

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