Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Do you know that Words can make you look stupid?

I am a lover of Microsoft word and its environs, I can think on the writing pad and just ramble on and on without pausing to look at what I have written. Well, that was before I sent in an important essay to be edited. And behold! Errors beyond my intention. Thank goodness, it was a friend of mine I sent it to. He called me to ask if I was not sleeping when I wrote the essay and "of course not" was my reply. So, he launch ed into a detailed lecture of why solely depending on Microsoft word to check my spellings and context is just plain wrong.

Think about it, Microsoft word cannot read your mind and most likely does not know why you are writing, so save it the stress of doing what it is not meant for. It can only check some of your spellings and punctuation. It is not capable of knowing the context of meaning and use; it does not have the capability to understand your perspectives. It is limited in its editing capacity. Edit and re-edit your work.

The point is this - Words can Make You Look Stupid! And there's no reason to look stupid.

We also need to lay low on the mobile device short forms of writing. Take the tedious time to write the correct version of words in your chats and comments. The short forms are horrible and error-filled and are finding their way into every written speech.
I remember reading this on a blog talking about how words have funny effects and it just drove the point home, "Did you mean pacific or specific? Cause seriously one is an ocean."

So, really write precisely what you mean. Check here for the post on how typographical errors can kill your career.

Read, Grow, Live.
Knowledge is essential to growth and having deep roots in a competitive world. Read, grow and live.

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