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Konga the Beginning

By Ifedayo Akintomide
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Published: Aug. 06, 2011
Words: 30770 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465845122

Short description

A young man who loses faith in Olorun the primary God of his land curses the deity and becomes possessed by a fallen deity who leads him on the path of wanton destruction through the ancient city of Ile - Ife in a bid to oust the king.

Extended description

When a young man who is constantly maltreated by his guardians loses faith in Olorun the primary God of the land. He opens his soul up for possession by a fallen elder god called eshu who leads him on a path of wanton destruction through the ancient city of Ife.
This sparks off a series of unprecedented and highly dangerous events least of which include a violent race through despicable worlds battles with ancient and powerful demons centered around two objects of power which have been in existence since the creation of the world itself.
The forces of good and evil race to possess these items and the hunt for these items will determine the fate of the throne of Ife and the whole world itself


fantasy, african mythology, fantasy action adventure fiction novel epic romance magic dragons elves unicorns war law legal reform, mythology religion mystery, fantasy adventure demons warlords magic parallel worlds mystical creatures, mythology and folklore

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