Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A dying world

Peaches and whipped cream
In another part of my brain I hear peace and tranquility
Yeah right... A supposedly quiet languid scene
But all I see is a bag full of lies vaquely seen
My friend told me this world is ending
I bucked at the thought initially and then peace came
Terrible things are happening
No one is who they say they are
Goodness, purity are illusions that faded like lightening
Lies are sold now for less than a farthing
Who are we kidding?
A dozen of I do's on several hundred million altars
Turn to I don't in a matter of months
What is happening?
Natural disasters, thieving, everyone is cheating
Even the little ones who are supposed to be endearing
Become more than a little creepy
Its then the coldness creeps in
There are times I feel I wasn't made for this world I was born in
I am a hopeless romantic, a bit of an idealist
And who sadly exists in a realm
Which my head tells me is not real
And my heart hungers and searches for with zeal
There are those that have walked the halls of these world alone
I don't want to be like them
But what choice is there in order to avoid being broken
By the lies, the filth, the emptiness
This world is stuffed with and torn open
Maybe these are words best left unspoken
All I know is....
Heaven is where I hope all joy will awaken
And forever will no longer be a thing to dread
Or leave unspoken

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