Monday, January 13, 2014

From the son to the FATHER

You are perfect! It could only be you
The almighty, the all great father
Who does only that, that is good
If anything goes wrong
No blame can be apportioned to you
You are the only thing in this sinful universe that is true
I have so much to say to you
I am sorry will not do

There is so much you want me to do
And be
But I fall short
So often that I wonder
How you have the patience to stomach all the nonsense I get up to
You are the pillar that holds up
This life force that breathes and lives inside me
It came from you as a gift
I could spend an eternity thanking you for that which you gave me
I know you see me as I write this
You read as I compose this
You hear as my heart cries for your forgiveness
Save me from this emptiness
And engrace me to live my life on your terms
So I don't end my life in regret
You are the only thing in this world that makes any sense
And I pray you give me the will to serve you diligently which is my only recompense
Heavenly father you are the best
And I thank you for making me the best

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