Friday, June 27, 2014

An excerpt from Might's Oddsey - The Sequel to Amnesiacs

His eyes were closed, his heart beat slow and sluggish. He was drifting in and out of consciousness, struggling to hang on to life, and then suddenly strength filled his weak limbs and his heart began to thunder. The weakness and near death feeling of a couple of seconds ago had completely disappeared. He was whole again.
His eyes fluttered open__ he was lying on what seemed like a tableau which was covered by a thick layer of ash. The ash stretched for miles as far as he could see, almost to the opposite horizon. The air smelt of cordite mixed with something that seemed eerily similar to sulfur.
Sitting up slowly, his eyes scoured his surroundings. Five feet from where he lay was a metal carcass. He jumped when he saw it, moving as far away from it as he could. It was shaped like a man... but was so battered and misshapen that it was hard to tell which.
The head and face was for the most part intact. A red glow in the eyes was just fading away, disappearing completely after five seconds. It was dead or deactivated, shutdown, put out of commission. That eased his fear and he rose to his feet slowly looking down at his body. He was a big guy, not too tall, about five feet eleven inches tall with bulging muscles and thick stocky legs. His shoulders were broad, almost too broad. A slight pouch marred the physical perfection that was his body. But even this pouch was covered with ridges of hard muscle. This was an oddity but so was his nature.
He wore the tatters remains of what looked like some sort of battle armor, very futuristic looking. Some wires stitched within the fibers were unraveled and sparking like mad. A puzzled look crept on his face as he examined it. He struggled to remember what happened to him and what the metal creature lying a few feet away was.
He turned in a half circle just spotting the high mountain to his left whose top seemed to be nestled in the clouds. His eyes widened in shock. It looked vaguely familiar. Mount___ he paused as he searched his thoughts struggling to remember.
A k kept reverberating in his head. What did the letter k have to do with anything? Exactly five seconds later it came to him. The word he was looking for was Karnack. The mountain was callled Mount Karnack. A minute after everything came rushing back. He remembered everything__ The Event, Absalom, Gethsemane, Sulphurlock, the city of light and his companions who were all gone__ Swift, Falcon, Bullseye and Brainwave. He was Might and he was the only one that remained.
Tears streamed down his cheeks and sobs shook his body. He had never felt more alone in his life.
"You are not alone!!"
He jumped startled twirling around,searching for who had spoken.
"Who is there?"
"It is I."
He spun around really alarmed because he could see no one. "Who are you?" He gasped.
Swift was the only one who had been able to hear voices. So why was he hearing voices now?
"Do not be alarmed___ i mean you no harm__ my name is Eleyon and I am here to help you."
"Help me? Why do you want to help me?" Eleyon__ he remembered that name. Mordecai the head prophet in Gethsemane mentioned him. He was the deity they loved and worshipped. Was this some sort of trick? Or could a God actually be talking to him.
"Its no trick Might. I am Eleyon__ I am here to guide you to your destiny."
"I don't need guidance__ all i want is a way to escape from Nephilim."
"That is what I have come to give you__ your way however will be much harder because you have missed the flight__"
For a second the voice's words did not make any sense__ until he remembered what the flight was. The flight was what Swift had used to escape into the city of light.
"There is much i have to tell you but little time to do so__ you must begin your journey now__ find the biosphere__ the biiioooo___"
The words faded away as if the connection was cut as a result of a bad signal. He waited for ten more minutes but Eleyon did not speak again. Sighing deeply he looked to the western horizon and saw the sky swirling with two dozen colors not dissimilar from  the northern lights. Glancing down at the mangled metal creature he started for the lights_____

An excerpt from the sequel to Amnesiacs. The book is called Might's Odyssey. Coming soon>>>>
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