Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tired and angry

Tired and angry

May 27, 2014 at 12:41am

I am angry..
At what I can almost hear you ask me
I am mad at the world
At everything... And then at nothing
I don't understand the fury that surges up from the bottom of my stomach
Vain fury... At what?
Who knows?
I know
At her smug look
Like she put one over me
Like she left a loser like me stuck in the mud
While she rides on a snowy white horse
With a made man who is all a girl could ever want

I feel like I have lost it all
Which is insane cos I have a lot
I am tired of being the one with the bad end of the stick
I am tired of being the one who is forging on, my eyes ringing with the mocking of people who revel in my defeat
Sometimes I wonder what I can do so God will help me
Its like I am on a four lane road which leads nowhere
I wish someone could understand the need I have to head home
To stop bashing my head against a stone
I am tired of walking alone
Tired of mocking and smug looks at the emptiness of my zone
I am tired of being alone
Tired of the lack of substance in my home
God I am tired of this sick, weird game..
My own weird and personal game of thrones
If you do not save me
I am doomed to walk this earth on my own
I have a lot to do before I can grow
Help me Lord so I know
I do not fight this fight alone

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