Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be still

There is a moment in your life you ask yourself why.... I mean you just look up at the sky almost like you are looking God in the eye and you'd be like why?
There are moments that are hard to define when it's like everyone or everything wants to put a finger in your eye.
There are moments you just lean back, take a deep breath and say hi pips! I am TIRED!
But you know what? Those are the moments that something wonderful could come between the lines and perhaps bring a smile.
I am at such a moment. Where I am hated by those I thought would love and appreciate what I've done, would see me for who I really am. But all I get is misunderstanding and condemnation.
But you know what? I refuse to be put down. I refuse to let the enemy win. I refuse to allow distractions get the better of me.
I am determined to keep my eyes on God and take calming breaths as I march through the storms. His words.... Be still and know I am God.
For you out there who might troubled as you read this, I say to you be still.
For you perhaps bent under the weight of unpaid bills I say be still, for you suffering for love, abused perhaps abandoned and hurt, I tell you to be STILL. God works... And like he has delivered me countless times he'll deliver you too.
Live calm, live peaceful and above all live FREE

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