Friday, January 14, 2011

My Mis - Education

Some call it poetry

I say its a mystery

The true personification of my spirit being

The real defination of me

I hear things

Loud voices in my psyche

So poignant

That breath eludes me

Life becomes random strings of code

That can only be deciphered by the holy ghost

I cannot paint these pictures

With word of mouth alone

Even the written verse is incapable of driving my point home

So when i try to draw a blueprint

Of the puzzle that is me

It becomes an album

I'd gladly title

The Mis education of DEE

Its like showing words and expecting the blind man to see

Instead of writing it with braille

On tablets of stone so he can believe

I have resigned myself to the knowledge

That perhaps this is how it is meant to be

And with this knowledge


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