Friday, January 14, 2011


I wait
For what? For him to show his face
And tell me it is ok
I hate
This inactivity …..being so still
It grates
On my nerves …..this seemingly pointless delay
But the times I ran
At my own dictates
Where did it land me?
In naught but a charade
So I wait
For him to tell me it’s ok
That this pain
Will not bring DELAY
He came
To bring peace my way
It’s his universe
It’s his game
Am simply a tiny
Part in the grand scale
He alone knows the way
Knows how and when
This deadlock will break
So why worry?
And be in haste
With him I can never be too late
He is the way
All I have to do is follow
And I am made
So I wait
For his light to break forth
Like day and light up my way

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