Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter to the rib

Where are you?
Why can I not find you?
I cannot tell you
How long I have searched for you
Hours have I pondered on what I would do
What I would say
When I first gazed at your face
What I would say
How you would respond
When I told you
The way
You’ve made my heart
Hunger for you in the sweetest of ways
I cannot fight the fates
Neither can I choose my way
Without the man upstairs having his say
That is why I search a face
Millions of faces
But the one
That will be my fate
Comes at his pace
I face
The horizon
Standing as a citizen
Though a somewhat imperfect son
Standing where I belong
Waiting for you
To come home
So two will become one
And peace will reign forever more

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