Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It is the moon

Or it could be the sun

It could be her eyes

Her lips..

That make me mourn

It could be the world

That doesn't want me to be strong

It could be the race i run

That makes me forget it all

I am tired of them all

Tired of being wrong

Tired of looking in the mirror

And see the cold

Calculated creature i have become

I blame no one

They are what they are

So why did i think

It could work

Make them see the hunger that burns

In my heart, in my words

I realize now it's not their fault

It's mine for not knowing

Where i belong

Now i am reborn

They are inconsequentials

Glitches in random strings of meaningless code

I walk this path alone

For now there is no home

My home is my goal

I was stupid to think

These polluted pools could bring relief


God I thank you for this

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