Monday, June 27, 2011

A word

A word for everyday
A word of thanksgiving
Word of free willing
To tell you father in heaven
How much you mean to me
Truly you are my king
The one who knew me
Even before I began to breathe
The one who makes me live

A word for every breath I take
A word for everyday that breaks
A word for every step I take
A word for the smile on my face
A word of thanksgiving that crushes delay
A word that stays my soul from the beneath
A word that makes me
Find my way out from the darkness that surrounds me
I’d like you who reads this
To say a word this minute
Not a word of complaint
Not a word of regret
Don’t let it be a word of hate
And don’t let the word be late
Say a word that tells him he is great
A word that exalts his name
So that he will remove your pain
So that he will set you free
Don’t be like me
Who sometimes forgets to count his blessings
Be a man
Be a person
That in spite of what you endure
What is not yours
What you want and are not getting
Just say a word
And let this word
Be thanks
Because our Lord is kind


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