Monday, June 27, 2011

The heart question(Love??)

What is love?
An intriguing concept
But one I am not sure
Makes much sense to me
The sky lights up all around me
The warmth in my heart
Is that it?
The emptiness I feel when she leaves
Is that what it means?
Or is it the kind of detachment I feel
When I think of all the females around me?
Maybe it is love
But love for me
Maybe I am in love with me

Or perhaps I need to make peace
With the turbulence inside me
Before I can make sense
Of the riddle called true love
What is love?
A setback
A force of negativity
A school of thought
A portal to the land of the lost
A cause
A lost one
What is it?
A feeling of intensity
An unseen entity
A careening trailer
Going out of control
A wave of destruction
A story with no good ending
I have no idea and neither does the world
There are times I believe we are all lost

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