Monday, June 27, 2011


I see the storm clouds gather on the horizon
I taste the rain on the breeze
Swirling around me
I feel great rivers of peace
Surging on my insides
And the pain around becomes nothing
But lies
As I look into the heavens
And deep blue skies

I do not think about the lies
I do not think about the many disappointments
From the loves of my past life
I do not think about the emptiness around me
Which kills trust in people like me
All I think about
Are the cloud covered skies
And the clarity that will come
When the rain is done

I do not think of war
Neither do I allow thoughts of loss
I do not dwell on the long road
Each step brings me closer to my goal
And that singular thing will atone
For everyday spent disappointed
And every moment I had to remove
Myself from horrible people
And to make a life on my own
I do regret not seeing this earlier
I regret turning deaf ears
To what was right in front of me
I thank God for this
Even as I wait patiently for the rain to pour on me

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