Friday, April 27, 2012


It was like being in an abyss
Tormented, Stricken
There was no relief
Freedom was a dream
A senseless wish
A wraith
A cloud of smoke blown
off by the four winds

I still hear his voice
and i cringe
I hear his shouts
And the sounds are like
knives stabbing the inside of me
I stand on the edge of a precipitous cliff
Looking out to sea
I can barely believe I am free

To the east
At a point on the horizon
Where the eyes
Can barely meet
Dark clouds race towards me
And i flee
I hear his voice again
And this time
He condemns me
As he did in years past
When i was flying without wings
Who is he?
His name is DAD!
But this time he won't find me
Cos i morph into the winds
Flying to a place where only God can find me

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