Friday, April 27, 2012

A voice alone

I am the voice of one
Who walks alone
The voice of he who
some say has no home
The one who they say
has no where
Or no one to call his own
Many i know
Wonder why this is so
How can this voice
This one
Who speaks with such depth
Such spirit
Like parseltongue is to serpents
Walk the barren wastes called mother earth
On a quest
With no one to help
Or even to care
Or be there
But the voice knows
The voices grows
The voice searches for something
Other voices do not know
This thing makes him grow
Makes him glow
And it is this singular thing
That makes him walk alone
I am the voice of the soul
The voice of one who knows
That there is no home
Until this goal
Is brought to a definite close
I am the voice.... And for this i walk

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