Sunday, April 15, 2012


They make me laugh

They make me sigh

I shake my head when i look into their eyes

These strange females that God gave to be our helps

Making us most times end up needing HIS HELP!

They call us bad... And this is sad

Because they do things which are a tad

Silly (no offense)

We tell them truth... They call it lies

We tell them lies.... They call it truth

I love her die.... She runs a mile

I treat her cruel; a bitch in truth

Only then does she want to be my boo

So true

She knows she is the only one she goes aloof

But i have ten others besides her

She fights for me and crawls through the roof

I have a plan ... A vision

That will take me to my promised land

But at the start i have little or no cash in hand

She scoffs and races off

With the other dude with the cash who sleeps with her and discards her like rubbish in a trash can

Is it any wonder that when i am rich and famous riding in the stars i do not take her serious and i use her

And then she calls me bad

She then runs to church and prays to God

Who looks down on us with love

I am not sure he even understands how their mind works

Guys face your work!

Gals... Sigh! I'l say no more

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