Monday, July 9, 2012


Was it her eyes?
Or her words
or perhaps her picture
On my touch screen phone
One look at those eyes
One look at that smile
I knew she was the one
My rib
My completion
Destined for me even before i was born
Before i even became God's son

I started to live the day she was born
in my subconscious
I knew how the tides would turn
I have run
fled and gone
As fast and as far as i could have gone
Could have run
But i know no matter how far i have come
She is the one

Her voice is my song
Her hands are my lifeline
to a world i thought i had lost
Her lips were built specifically for my kiss
Her love is my heartbeat
But she doesn't yet know it
Eventually she will.... But only God can do it....
Till he does all i can do is breathe
And achieve that which he gave me

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