Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What i love

I love my country!! Yeah that sounds like a cliche don't it? but the truth of the matter is that i do. The next question you might ask is why i exactly do i love it? To tell you the truth there isn't much to love about it. I needn't go on and on about the corruption cases where our leaders steal billions and trillions.
In a way its sort of amusing cos no one steals millions anymore. You stay one or two millions and you are liable to spend ten fifteen years behind bars. But steal a couple of billions and you get a pat on the wrist and a weak willed don't do it again. hahhahahahha hilarious right? Yeah right...
Why do i love my country? Could it be because i have left school and finished my one year compulsory youth service aeons ago and still scouring our ever busy streets looking for a job... And the hard truth is the jobs are nowhere to be had. Thousands are churned out of our schools every year and there is no where to put them.
I recently read an article that sixty percent of the youth population is unemployed. thirty are underemployed (that means they are doing jobs they are overqualified for.) and the remaining ten percent are those that have real jobs.
I love my country... after all who wouldn't when bombs go off in populated cities the way firecrackers go off every 4th of July celebration in America. But are these murderers being brought to book? Nah... The leadership would rather set of committees to investigate these happenings and the members of these committees are not interested in unearthing what is really going on. All they are interesting in doing is lining their pockets with the nations and tax payers money.
I know what some of you are thinking... you are saying here is one bitter citizen.. Funny thing is am not.
I should be bitter... disillusioned and angry that the people who are put up there to make things better for me are only making it worse. They come on TV and feed us their rhetoric about knowing what's better for us than we ourselves do..
You wanna know why I ain't bitter? Because am living each day raking out a living from whatever my hands find to do. The Nigerian citizen is too busy trying to survive to have time ranting and raving at uncaring dictators who pose as civilian elected officials
But i love my country... how could i not love it? when i think of the beautiful people, the exotic culture, the rich minerals and the wealth of talent which personifies the Nigerian citizen.  In spite of overwhelming odds we still manage to smile, work and create...
The outside world says we are corrupt and I don't blame them. Our reputation precedes us. But the average citizen isn't like that. All we want is to be given a chance to showcase our talents to the world. All we want is to be allowed to live peacefully and be rewarded for our hard work. All we want are leaders who love us the way we love our country. All we want are leaders who will do right by us.. is that too much to ask?

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