Saturday, July 14, 2012

A woman and love - A scary thought

This scary thought came yesterday. a shiver ran down my spine as soon as i thought it. And with this thought came the faint glimmer of understanding. A twisted one that is..
Before i begin, I want to ask a couple of questions. But these questions are directed at the guys who might be reading this.
1.) Have you ever loved a gal before? And when i say love i mean LOVE! The real deal not infatuation or lust. You know!! That horny over the hill i just want to dive in and plug something kind of feeling. No not that one, I am talking about REAL LOVE!!! Be with you till the end kinda love. OK!! Now that you get it lets continue
2.) If your answer to question one is in the affirmative; Have you ever felt that the gal you gave heart to hook, line and sinker seemed at best indifferent/disinterested in you? Or even if she did seem to care, didnt seem to care as much as you did? This is in-spite of all you may have tried.
3.) Did this knowledge perhaps depress you? That the gal you were giving your all to was returning little or nothing back
4.) Have you ever felt that perhaps you were the one always giving so much and getting little or nothing in return? Gay? lol i know. But hear me out for a sec. Here comes the real sick thought..
Maybe women always expect so much from us because they are physiologically built to take... your time, your money, even your heart without giving much in return besides sex that is.
Even in the sexual act they are still taking while you are giving. Couldn't this analogy be the same and applicable to every faucet of their being? Maybe a female wasn't built to give. Maybe females are only built to take.
It sounds sick i know. but maybe when we fight with them we are doing it out of ignorance because we expect so much from them. maybe when we want to settle down we erroneously expect to be loved back in return for who we are basically forgetting that most women have clauses or conditions attached to love.
Maybe no woman can love you unconditionally because her love package includes do you have a good job? Are you paid well? Do you have a house? Can you take care of me? Can you fulfill all my emotional needs tiresome though they might be?
If the man is able to answer yes to all of these inquiries then her answer will be i will stay with you and have your kids and support u in quote.
If their physical being was built to take who is to say everything about them isn't like that?
Maybe no woman can give a man true emotional support. Maybe we were only built to take care of them and meet their every need and our only reward is sleeping with them every night...
*Shudder* Hope this thought is not true...
Just postulating!!!  

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