Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be a dream chaser

They are beautiful things. To the carnal mind they are intangible... to the unbelieving they are simply illusions, mirages not to be taken seriously but I am inclined to disagree. Dreams should be taken seriously and pursued just as seriously as the ruthless way every living creature clings to life.
Still don't get where I am going? Then hold up and I will explain.
I have a dream....(lol am guessing at this point you are thinking of Martin luther king, but no..though he was on to something) and my dream is writing. And it has been that way for a long time.... ten years going now i believe.
In retrospect I guess somewhere deep inside me I always knew that was what I wanted to do ever since I was young. But scratch that, this isn't about me... Not totally that is. Am guessing like every sensible person in the world you have a dream.
You have something that keeps you up at night... that sets a flame to your soul that no matter how much you try has been impossible to extinguish. Am I right?
Maybe as you are seated reading this you might not have even started chasing that dream. I could think of a number of reasons why you would not have done that.... fear, doubt, discouragement from friends and a host of other excuses.
But I am here to tell you that no reason should be great enough to stop you from chasing your dreams. I will deviate here and tell you a little story.... There was a rumor some time ago. The truth of this rumor is what I cannot vouch for or confirm. But the gist is that someone had already built a plane before the Wright brothers did. But for some reason he didn't fly it. Maybe for some of the same reasons you haven't started chasing your dreams.
Perhaps someone reminded him (am assuming its a he) of the possibility of disgrace, failure and fear of shame and reproach he sat still and prone. We all know the result of that... the Wright brothers claimed the glory and honor that should have been his.
Chase your dreams pips. The people that laugh and mock you today will only stand to celebrate you tomorrow. Remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Have a lovely day

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