Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Define your limits... dont let the world define it for you

If you are even on this planet and have a vague idea of what is going on around you, you'll know that the whole world is waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's child to be born. If you are someone who has a vivid imagination like i do, you'll probably be seeing the searing wave of anticipation that is sweeping across the globe. So strong and so tangible that anticipation has now become almost a physical  thing. You can reach out and touch it...
That excitement and anticipation just got me thinking. Millions of babies are born every day and no one gives a damn... except the parents and families involved of course. Most are born in the most obscure of circumstances. Maybe even dangerous and dirty that if proper investigation is made you will discover that it is a miracle the child survived. Now a baby like the millions of others is about to be born and the whole world is standing still.
The words from George Orwell's classic novel animal farm readily comes to mind in this situation. 'Some animals are equal but some are more equal than others'. Go figure right!!
But despite the humble nature of your beginnings, I don't think you should allow it to define your end. To go the biblical route (sorry if this offends you atheist types but I can't help it cos am a christian) Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was born in a manger.
That in today's words is simply a barn or a horse stable. I don't know what other beginnings could be more humble than that. Yet in spite of his genesis which to the carnal mind seemed doomed from the start he went ahead and impacted the world in a big way. The bible cannot be ignored, his impact cannot be swept under the carpet and it is still speaking till the end of time. Isn't that something?
Yeah i can already hear you thinking... Oh sure!!! That's JC innit? He had the might of God backing him up. But my bible tells me.. dunno about yours lol that as God the father sent him so has he sent us and according to him (his words not mine) greater works than he shall we do.... you see where am going with this?
You can achieve anything you want with hard work, diligence and the most important thing a total reliance on God and his word.
Don't let how you started or came to be determine how you end up. Life, circumstances, the devil mostly will tell you that you can't do it. You can't make it but you go ahead and tell them to stuff it down their throats or somewhere where the sun don't shine lol just kidding
Sorry if I am going back to the Wright brothers again, but at a convention about two or three years before their first flight with their wooden box of a plane, scientists from all over the world concluded that it was impossible for anything made of metal to fly in the air.
Correct me if i am wrong but we do have jumbo jets soaring all over the globe today carrying hundreds of people today don't we? That was cause some men did not allow their situations to define their ends. Now history will forever remember them.
Will History remember you? The choice is yours! whatever you are doing put your best into it and before long with God on your side the world will take notice of you.
Nice day pips cheerios

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