Saturday, July 13, 2013

Speaking for those around me

I speak for the millions of Nigerians who are just like me
The gazzillions of people just trying to be free
Tossed and turned on vast and dare I say tumultuous seas
Forgotten by all even a country
That doesn't care if we live
Or even breathe
I speak for those who cos of challenges are sometimes robbed of their peace
I speak for them and I speak for me
I speak standing before a God,
The God who sired and birthed me
I stand before him knowing I do not quite understand
How and why of the way he thinks
And the words his ways are not my ways churns on the inside of me
I am a man searching for an absolution in a desert, without a river or even a stream
Searching for relief from the conflicting emptiness that threatens to consume me
How and why
Are two questions that rarely leave my lips
Cos I am a man who I would like to think
Thinks deeply
I speak for the lost who struggle to be all they can be
To find or create their own identity
Even as they journey along a path that seems shrouded in mist
I speak for the souls that are troubled and worried by what the future could bring
The skies they say is the limit, so take a breath and breathe
With faith it is said you can achieve anything
Faith am sorry to say sometimes ebbs out of me
Like now... As I search for a path that is unclear to me
All I can ask is God, you have to help me
Help me to make sense of all this
And help me to fly
Like the giant I was destined to be
Cos if you turn your back on me
You have resigned me to a land filled with nothing but emptiness
I speak these words cos I hope you will hear me
And bring us all out of the darkness that has become our reality.
Freedom is all I want to see
I pray you will speedily help me to find it

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