Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A failed state

I am living in a failed state. That's a horrible thing to say about your country but unfortunately in Nigeria's case it so happen to be the truth.
I know the Nigerians that read this will probably go all self righteous and start crucifying me, saying all manner of unprintable things but before you do let me ask you what your definition of a failed state is.
Is it a place where the system appears broken? Where nothing good seems to work?
Is it a nation where criminals are allowed to roam free and even administer justice and legislation in the nation's capital?
Is it a place where 27 out of 36 States are not paying workers salaries? One of the governor's even had four billion naira of state funds in his private account
Is it a nation that electricity is only on about 2hours or so out of 24? If I wanted to categorize what living in this country is for the average man I'd say it's a step away from hell on earth.
If I could run from this nation I would and I have it relatively better than most.
I smile when I consider the fact that David Cameron resigned cos of brexit and Roy Hodgeson cos the English team lost in the Euro 2016.
My country's Senate President is being accused of multiple counts of corruption and he sits in the Senate still administering justice.
I hate to say this --- but we are probably the laughing stock of the international community. I won't even mention the sexual misdemeanors of some of our house of Representatives in merry ol US.
This wanton looting and gross mismanagement of the nation's resources can't continue.
We've all heard of the Arab spring... If things don't change I forsee a situation where the streets will run red with blood.
I am not a prophet of doom, I am simply a man reading the terrain. Anyone reading this if you are a lover of peace please pray for my country. This injustice cannot be allowed to continue

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