Sunday, July 3, 2016

Double love

I love my mum. She is one of the closest people to me. She has always been on hand to encourage, support and offer advice and wisdom nuggets every now and then.
What am most grateful for is her support for my writing career. Never did she tell me it wasn't worth it. However with the encouragements and all that she did offer warnings too.
One of such warnings she drilled into my head day in and day out was the danger of double love.
What's that you might ask? Well I'll tell you. It's pining and going after someone else other than the person you are with.
Mum is a very strong woman. She endured what would have broken most women and dare I say even men. She gave her all to raise me and my five other siblings.
She spent extra time on my brothers and I. Reiterating that a man doesn't mistreat a woman, any woman, especially his wife.
A man doesn't make it a habit to keep stringing several women along. It ain't kosher.
She always said she would respect my choice in a mate as long as I realize I wasn't gonna be hitting it anywhere else for as long as I was ALIVE.
But what mum could not adequately prepare me for was how hard it was gonna be. How gals would throw themselves at you especially when you are at your weakest.
I come from a society where a woman's unfaithfulness is treated with extreme prejudice but a man's unfaithfulness is rewarded with a pat on the back and probably a beer if you are the drinking sort.
But I guess most of her teaching sunk in.. I am not able to let go the way some of my other friends do but that doesn't make me a saint either.
I am not married yet but I have someone I want to be with till the day I die. When I was single there was no double love temptation hanging around the place. Now that am close to being hitched it's everywhere.
Thank you mum for your prayers and teaching. I am not like the others completely. Hopefully what you instilled will keep me on the straight and narrow inspite of the tempting. And with God helping, the sky they say is the limit. Thank you for seeing and warning. And I thank God I was listening 

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