Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jumbles and ribbons- of words

They call it serpent's call... Words like some sort of twisted folklore. I see legions treading on the grounds I adore, telling me tall tales of what they think lie in store
For me, a nice homeboy who likes to roar when he is pissed by the nonsense the world has come to love and it burns so much.
I sit in my car... Parked staring as if looking at the great beyond as I wonder about my place in it. People look down and think am finished. I on the other hand chose to believe am just beginning. I am not sure I care what the others are thinking. Its just me... A new horizon, a new beginning... A vision I see where I am always winning.
I pray father in heaven will set the ball rolling and spinning.
Even if I am alone let me be bethroled with my successes. I have learnt enough of life's cruel lessons. Help me to begin the process of living... Lord let their be forgiving. Let me understand my reason for living 

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